Hallmark’s ‘Pumpkin Everything’: Taylor Cole Revealed the ‘Most Difficult’ Scene That Made Them Rewrite the Script

Actors Taylor Cole and Corey Sevier had the opportunity to do some fun fall activities in Hallmark Channel‘s Pumpkin Everything. Some of these crafts allowed them the opportunity to showcase their real-life skills, but they also exposed them to their weaknesses. Cole recalled one scene that was the “most difficult” thing for her, which resulted in rewriting the script for the fall-themed romance.

Taylor Cole and Corey Sevier co-star in Hallmark’s ‘Pumpkin Everything’

Hallmark's 'Pumpkin Everything' Taylor Cole as Amy wearing a denim-buttoned top. She's looking at a piece of paper she pulled from an open book.
Taylor Cole as Amy | Steven Ackerman / Hallmark

Pumpkin Everything stars Cole as Amy, an up-and-coming novelist who must suddenly make an emergency trip back to her hometown. Her grandfather, Tom (Michael Ironside), got into a car accident and broke his wrist. Therefore, she must look after him until he’s back up on his feet again. The situation becomes even more complicated when she crosses paths with Kit (Sevier), her childhood best friend and first love.

Amy and Kit begin to rekindle their friendship and possibly more. However, there’s something brewing beneath the surface that could further complicate things. Tom’s pumpkin-themed store only puts Amy in a strange place, as it certainly isn’t a passion of hers.

‘Pumpkin Everything’ star Taylor Cole told fans the ‘most difficult’ scene involved lifting a heavy pumpkin

In an interview on the Hallmark Channel YouTube page, Cole and Sevier answered questions about Pumpkin Everything. They answered what scene involving fall festivities they’re most excited for audiences to see. They came to a consensus that they’re thrilled for viewers to see the giant pumpkin scene, but it also created some issues for Cole on the set.

“I’m definitely gonna have to say it has to do with that giant pumpkin,” Cole said. “When we read it on the script, it was us trying to lift the pumpkin into the truck, counting one, two, three, we’ll get it up there, and then we went to go get help. After seeing the size of the massive pumpkin, we decided to rewrite the script and Corey had some fun improv with trying to lift it on his own and I just can’t wait to see that.”

Cole continued that she has the most difficult time with accents and pretending that light items are actually heavy.

“In fact, I have a real problem,” Cole prefaced. “I mean as actors, they ask us to do all sorts of crazy things, but the thing I have the most difficult [time] with besides accents is pretending like something is heavy when it is actually light. I forget.”

Cole continued: “I can’t multitask, so I’m doing my lines or walking and talking, chewing bubble gum. I forget that the thing that is supposed to be heavy is actually light. So, I’ll just be tossing around pumpkins. So, they had to cut out my pumpkin and shove it with some shirts or something just to give it a little bit of weight to remind me the thing you’re holding is supposed to be heavy.”

Corey Sevier had to rely on his co-star for scarecrow building


Hallmark’s ‘Pumpkin Everything’: Corey Sevier and Taylor Cole’s Chemistry Started in an Unexpected Way

Sevier agreed with Cole that one of the best scenes in Pumpkin Everything involves the giant pumpkin. However, he also added that he loved the scarecrow crafting, even though he wasn’t very good at it. Sevier explained on the Hallmark Channel YouTube channel that it actually ended up establishing a character moment in the movie.

“The other one I really loved was the whole scarecrow building contest,” Sevier said. “Loved it because I was legitimately terrible at it, even though my character has been doing it since he was a child. Thankfully, Taylor, you were so much better at it than me, so. when you see that scene, they’re like, ‘Let’s just improv this and see what happens.’ So, there’s a lot of Kit cheating, but it’s really just because I couldn’t do it.”