Halloween Horror Movies To Stream on Hulu October 2020

Hulu already has a great selection of horror movies, including their originals like Little Monsters and Wounds. Their October slate of library titles includes some great horror movies perfect for Halloween movie marathons. If you subscribe to Hulu, here are some horror movies to add to your queue in October. 

Hulu has Interview with the Vampire in November
L-R: Kirsten Dunst, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise | Warner Brothers/Getty Images

Halloween brings the ‘Blade’ trilogy to Hulu

Wesley Snipes launched the first hit Marvel movie franchise. He portrayed Blade, the daywalker, half vampire, half human, in the first 1998 movie. Bloody vampire gore worked for both the horror and action of Blade’s vampire slayings. Blade II saw Guillermo del Toro had his own brand of monsters for Blade to fight. 

Halloween Blade Trinity
Wesley Snipes | Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Snipes grudgingly completed Blade: Trinity. It’s compromised, with a blatant spinoff attempt via Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel, but there’s still some good Blade stuff in it. The first 20-30 minutes when Blade just kills vampires with no dialogue is the best Blade movie ever. Then people start talking and it ruins the whole movie. 

Spend Halloween in the ‘Deep Blue Sea’

Sharks are a pretty common fear. Movies have probably made people in landlocked states afraid of sharks, thanks to Jaws. Deep Blue Sea did sharks for the ’90s, with smart sharks tearing through an undersea lab. Unlike Jaws, you see the sharks the whole time. 

Hulu has Deep Blue Sea in October
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Denzel Washington’s got nothing on horror in ‘Fallen’

Denzel Washington usually triumphs over adversity in movies, except when he’s the bad guy in Training Day. Fallen gave him a supernatural challenge. He thought he was just a cop trying to stop a killer, but the killer was actually possessed by a demon, who can easily take over other bodies to do his bidding too. 

Hulu has Fallen in October
Denzel Washington | Turner Pictures/Getty Images

Visit ‘Hostel’ for Halloween

Hulu has added Hostel and Hostel: Part II for October. Eli Roth’s second and third movie were terrifying tales of Americans in foreign lands, where rich businessmen pay to torture and kill them. Each torture session is full of gory surprises, and it has something to say about American culture.

Eli Roth | Jim Spellman/WireImage

‘Interview with the Vampire’ was too scary for Halloween in 1994

Interview with the Vampire opened Nov. 11, 2020. They probably skipped the Halloween movie season because it was a prestige film going for year-end awards. Now, you can watch the Anne Rice adaptation for Halloween. 

Halloween horror movie Interview with the Vampire
L-R: Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt | Francois Duhamel/Sygma via Getty Images

Tom Cruise was a controversial choice for her vampire Lestat at the time but he earned the role. Brad Pitt is compelling as the depressed vampire Louis and Kirsten Dunst was already a revelation as the child vampire. 

Ease into ‘Martyrs’ this Halloween

The original Martyrs was such an unflinching horror movie, it’s still hard to find although you can rent or buy it online. The remake approaches the story of abuse and torture victims turning the tables from a different perspective so it might be a good way to test the waters. If you can handle the remake, you might take it to the next level and seek out the original.

Make a Halloween date with ‘Species’

Species was a sexy new take on aliens. Natasha Henstridge made her movie debut as Syl, a hybrid bred with alien DNA. When she escapes, she seduces men looking to reproduce, and the men don’t survive the process. Species also spawned three sequels so far, but the original is still the best. 

Halloween horror movie Species
Natasha Henstridge | Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images

Marvel’s ‘Blade’ Trilogy: Just in Time Help You Plow Through Quarantine

Have an interview with this ‘Vampire’ too

Vampire played the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 and remains an under-the-radar indie horror to discover. A vampire seeks suicidal women to feed off of in a mutually beneficial arrangement. It plays as a series of vignettes with the different women he meets. Kristen Kreuk plays one of the those women in the ensemble cast. 

Dial *69 ‘When a Stranger Calls’

The original When a Stranger Calls was a terrifying tale of a prank caller turned deadly, long before Scream made its threatening phone calls. By 2006, this remake took a modern day approach on the prankster terrorizing a babysitter. The new version is on Hulu this month.