‘Halloween Kills’: Final Trailer Highlights Original Movie Character Connections

The Halloween franchise is about to have a total of 12 installments. The 1978 original horror movie remains to be one of the most iconic horror movies of all time, but it had some disappointing sequels. Jamie Lee Curtis last starred as Laurie Strode in 1998’s Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. However, she reprised the role in David Gordon Green’s 2018 direct sequel. The Halloween Kills final trailer emphasizes that multiple actors will also be reprising their roles.

‘Halloween Kills’ is the second installment of a trilogy

'Halloween Kills' horror slasher Michael Myers escaping from a house on fire with a weapon
Michael Myers | Ryan Green/Universal Pictures

Blumhouse Productions and Green bring a new Halloween trilogy iteration to the silver screen but it ignores the continuity of all sequels to take the story in a different direction. These installments are intended to build upon the stories of Myers, Haddonfield, and Laurie.

The 2018 entry is simply titled Halloween. Next, Halloween Kills. Finally, Halloween Ends, which is due in theaters on October 14, 2022. The first installment featured trauma and the second is about mob violence. Audiences will have to wait and see what social elements will be included in the final chapter.

The original release plan was to introduce a new entry each year. However, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic interrupted nearly all of Hollywood’s projects. As a result, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends were both delayed. These sequels have been some of the most highly-anticipated horror movies in recent times.

‘Halloween Kills’ brings back original cast members

The Universal Pictures YouTube channel uploaded the Halloween Kills final trailer. It opens with some children who witnessed Michael Myers in the neighborhood.

The trailer includes some quick cuts of Myers’ rampage. It picks up where the 2018 entry left off with the white-masked killer trapped in a burning house to die. The trailer emphasizes the actors reprising their roles from the original. It features a side-by-side of then and now.

Curtis once again brings Laurie to the silver screen in Halloween Kills. Her story from the 2018 movie continues.

Kyle Richards returns as Lindsey Wallace. She’s the young girl that Annie Brackett babysat in the 1978 original.

Nancy Stephens reprises the role of Marion Chambers. She’s a colleague of psychiatrist Doctor Samuel Loomis. Myers stole her car to drive back to Haddonfield.

Robert Longstreet plays Lonnie Elam. He played a 6th-grader and Tommy Doyle’s bully in Halloween. He nearly entered the Myers house in the 1978 original.

The trailer makes its connection to the 1978 original clear. It seeks to continue the franchise, but further establish its dismissal of the rest of the Halloween series.

The Venice International Film Festival premiere

Halloween Kills had its worldwide premiere at the Venice International Film Festival. It exited the festival with a 59% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is a noticeable dip from the 2018’s 79% approval rating.

However, the first Halloween earned $255.6 million worldwide against a reported $10 million budget. It’s unlikely that negative critic scores will detract audiences from wanting to see the horror movie. It already has a built-in audience and there’s a strong sense of loyalty within the horror fandom.

Halloween Kills stabs into theaters and the streaming service Peacock on Oct. 15.

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