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It seems as if Halsey is always working on something. The “Without Me” singer has already made a name for themself in the music industry as a singer-songwriter. But in recent years, she has expanded into other fields as well. Halsey has a beauty line, about-face, and has gotten into acting too. In fact, they were recently cast in the film National Anthem as well as the HBO series, The Players Table.

musician Halsey poses in a see-through black, lace, gown
Halsey | Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Hasley explains that music is just one of their many passions

Of course, Halsey pursuing acting shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans who’ve been paying close attention. The “Graveyard” singer has been candid about the fact that music is the tip of the iceberg for her. In a 2019 interview with CHUM 104.5, the singer got candid about her many passions.

“You know I have this whole thing where I love doing so much stuff,” Halsey explained. “I love writing music, love writing poetry, I love painting, love cooking, I love acting, I love all this stuff. So, you know, I have this theory that music is, you know, part one of what will hopefully be a more complex journey for me.”

The songwriter joked about quitting music at age 30 in favor of making spicy rigatoni

In the aforementioned interview, the new mom also imagined a completely different way that their life could play out. She even joked about quitting the industry altogether in favor of making homemade pasta. “Or I might just decide I’m super tired when I turned 30,” Halsey shared. “Just like quit everything and be like I’m going to I’m gonna buy a farm and I’m gonna make spicy rigatoni every day from scratch.”

Halsey didn’t set out to become a famous singer when she released ‘Ghost’

Considering Halsey is only 27 now, fans have a few more years before they need to worry about losing the singer to a quiet life and Italian food. And while Halsey may have been joking about quitting the industry, they seem content to go where life takes them. In fact, she never intended to become such a popular artist when she put her song, “Ghost” online. In a conversation with Interview Magazine, Halsey revealed that they were just looking to make a quick buck. But fate had other plans for the singer.


Halsey Writes Her Songs with Lightning Fast Speed

“After I put ‘Ghost’ up online, that night I was heard by five record companies,” Halsey revealed. “I called my friend Anthony and I said, ‘Holy s*** I’m freaking out, can you come to the city and pretend to be my manager?’ He was like, ‘Yeah I can pretend to be your manager!’ That was the moment for me, sitting on this couch and having people say, ‘You have a gift for this.’ That’s when all the pieces of the puzzle came together and it dawned on me that it wasn’t about making $1,000; it was about what I was supposed to do. I had 24 hours to decide and the decision was very easy to make. From that day on I’ve been an artist. I didn’t have to become one, I just needed someone to show me the signs.”

Halsey seems hellbent on following her passions and the signs that she’s been given. It’ll be interesting to see what they choose to do next. And if that does, in fact, lead to spicy rigatoni, we’re sure her fans would appreciate a detailed recipe.