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On June 14, Halsey celebrated Pride Month by releasing another version of “Wipe Your Tears.” The song was a bonus track on the Japanese version of her album Manic, which she released on Jan. 17. While chatting with fans on Twitter, Halsey revealed there are three versions of the song, and fans are begging for her to release the third recording.

Halsey | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Halsey released the original version of ‘Wipe Your Tears’

Halsey is openly bisexual, and wrote “Wipe Your Tears” as a woman-loving-woman anthem. The soft, lullaby-like song is about making a partner feel safe, and the released version that was a bonus track on Manic immediately became a favorite among Halsey’s fans.

On June 14, the singer leaked the original version of “Wipe Your Tears.” The original demo is somehow even more comforting than the version Halsey released on Manic.

“prolly gon get in trouble for this but, happy pride ! here’s the full OG version of wipe your tears. my favorite wlw song of mine that ended up on a special release of Manic if it gets taken down it ain’t my fault,” she wrote in a tweet.

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Fans love the original version

The original version of “Wipe Your Tears” is longer than the version released on Manic and features an additional verse. After the singer leaked her own song on Twitter, fans called Halsey out for withholding such a great song from the public.

“WHY WASNT SHE ON THE ALBUM,” a fan tweeted about the leaked version “Wipe Your Tears.”

“this is so superior to the final version,” another fan tweeted.

Halsey revealed there are three versions of the song

As if two versions of “Wipe Your Tears” was not enough, Halsey told fans on Twitter that there is a third version.

“There’s actually 3 versions of this song in existence hahaha. You guys have 2 of them now,” she replied to a fan.

A fan then tweeted at the singer asking for her to leak the third version on social media.

“Omg pls I jussssst leaked the 2nd lemme breathe y’all ravenous. I can’t I’ll get in too much trouble cause it has a feature hahah,” the singer tweeted.


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So, there you have it. Not only is there another version of “Wipe Your Tears,” but the third version features another artist. There is no telling who Halsey collaborated with for “Wipe Your Tears.” We also do not know if the singer will ever release another studio version of the song.

Based on fans’ reactions, it’s clear people love the original demo, with some even loving it more than the track on the Japanese version of Manic. Because of how cautious Halsey was about leaking the demo of her own song on Twitter, it doesn’t seem like the third version will see the light of day anytime soon. However, fans know it exists, which means they have just enough knowledge to hope that one day the song will be miraculously leaked online.