Halsey and Sydney Sweeney are Close Friends; How Did They Meet?

When Halsey announced that she’d be making her acting debut alongside Sydney Sweeney, her fans were immediately intrigued. Sweeney has already made a name for herself in the entertainment world by staring in projects such as Euphoria, Sharp Objects, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood. Meanwhile, Halsey has ensnared millions with hit songs like “Without Me” and “Bad at Love.” But how did this duo manage to strike up a friendship?

Halsey wears a multicolored dress on the red carpet
Halsey | Rebecca Sapp/WireImage for The Recording Academy

Funnily enough, the pair were fans of each other before they even met. Sweeney had gone to quite of few of Halsey’s concerts and Halsey appreciated the Sweeney’s acting chops. But their friendship actually began when the singer tapped the actor to be in the music video for her song, “Graveyard” and they hit it off.

Sydney Sweeney is in Halsey’s ‘Graveyard’ music video

“I grew up a big Halsey fan in high school and going to her concerts,” Sweeney shared in an interview with StyleCaster. “I loved all her music. She apparently was a fan of me as well. I asked my team, ‘You know, I really want to do a music video one day. That would be so cool.’ A week later, she reached out to her team like, ‘I’d like Sydney to do a music video with me. Do you think she would do it?’ It was perfect timing. We met and hung out and we became really good friends. Now we hang out all the time.”

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One activity that the famous pair like doing together is hiking. In fact, they were on a hike when Halsey told the Euphoria star that she was pregnant. Now, they’re looking forward to acting alongside each other in their upcoming HBO show, The Player’s Table, under Sweeney’s production company. After Sweeney learned that Halsey was interested in acting, she knew that she was the right person to bring one of the characters to life.

How Sweeney convinced the ‘Without Me’ singer to be in her HBO show, ‘The Player’s Table’

“Being friends with Ash, she was telling me how she wants to act and having seen her in the music video, I knew she had it in her,” Sweeney shared about Halsey, whose legal first name is actually Ashley. “I sent her the book. I was like, ‘Read this. Let me know if you like it because I think you would be absolutely incredible as the older sister, Rachel.’ She read it within two days, called me and was like, ‘I want to do this.’ So we brought her on and that was how everything fell together.”

Thus far, fans haven’t received an official announcement about when Sweeney and Halsey’s show will air on HBO. However, it has already generated quite a bit of buzz thanks to the cast and crew attached. We’re sure fans of both the entertainers are looking forward to seeing them reunite on screen once again.