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Halsey is one of the biggest pop stars today. They’re known for hit songs like “Bad at Love” and “Closer” to their credit. An activist and outspoken mental health advocate as well as a singer/songwriter, Halsey is easily recognizable for their many tattoos. While the singer has literally dozens of tattoos adorning their body, there’s one special one that stands out, not just for the meaning behind it, but for the fact that Halsey actually did the art themselves.

How many tattoos does Halsey have?

halsey tattoo
Recording artist Halsey attends the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards at the Forum on March 11, 2018 in Inglewood, California. | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Some celebrities like to stay below the radar when it comes to their tattoo. But Halsey loves to proudly display their body art on social media. According to PopSugar, Halsey has more than 40 tattoos, making her one of the most-inked pop stars today. Not only does Halsey show off their tattoos to her fans on Instagram and Twitter, but they also like discussing the unique meaning behind each tattoo as well.

A few of Halsey’s notable tattoos include an inner-arm design based on the movie Spirited Away, a tattoo of the words “seeds” on their foot, which they got to match their partner, Alev Aydin, and a tattoo on their knuckles that reads “Life’s a mess 999” in honor of the rapper Juice Wrld.

Halsey also has a tattoo of the numbers “929” to represent their birthday on September 29. Clearly, Halsey has a fondness for words and phrases that have special significance in their life. But they also love small designs and artistic images, as proven by their four-leaf clover tattoo.

Halsey gave themselves a tattoo while watching ‘Euphoria’

One of Halsey’s tattoos is an easily-recognizable symbol of good luck. A four-leaf clover tattoo on their hip might be Halsey’s way to attract good vibes. But it also represents something about their partner, Aydin, as well. In a June 2022 Twitter Q/A, Halsey answered a fan’s question about their “flower tattoo,” writing “4 leaf clover cause alev bday is St Patrick’s day haha I gave it to myself one night while watching euphoria.”

Halsey is a well-known fan of the TV series Euphoria. In fact, several times over the years, they have talked about their fondness for the show as well as their personal connection to various members of the cast.

Halsey is close to several members of the ‘Euphoria’ cast


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Euphoria features a talented young cast of stars, and Halsey has worked with a few of them. In 2020, Euphoria star Dominic Fike collaborated with Halsey on their album Manic. He lent his talents to the song “Dominic’s Interlude.” Halsey has also expressed their affection for Fike on social media, taking to the platform in 2019 to gush, “I love dominic fike.”

They are also very close to series star Sydney Sweeney. Sweeney starred in Halsey’s 2019 music video for their song “Graveyard,” which featured both stars running through a carnival setting. Sweeney and Halsey have even acted together in the HBO series The Player’s Table. Today, the two are good friends. With Euphoria continuing to gain traction with new and existing fans, it’s likely that Halsey will keep sharing her love for the series with her fans and followers.