Hannah Ferrier Reveals How She Could Return to ‘Below Deck’ – Especially for Captain Lee (Exclusive)

Hannah Ferrier was serious when she said she wouldn’t mind returning to the Below Deck series, especially if Captain Lee Rosbach needed her.

She shared that she was completely game to go back for the right captain, but also under the right circumstances. “I have said and I’ve spoken to [fiancé] Josh [Roberts] about this,” Ferrier recently told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “If Lee ever got in trouble, and he needed me to come back. If he had a really bad chief stew, and he needed me to come back to help him? I would because he’s always been there for me in the past.” But Ferrier said there’s a catch.

How could Hannah Ferrier return to ‘Below Deck’?

Ferrier said viewers are unlikely to see her bang out an entire six-week season of the show. “So it would kind of be a half-season,” she envisioned. “Or a few charters or something, if they needed help, I would go help. But obviously, I wouldn’t go back to the Med as it stands.” Captain Sandy Yawn fired Ferrier on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 and they notoriously had a strained working relationship.

Hannah Ferrier said she'd return to Below Deck if Captain Lee Rosbach needed her
Hannah Ferrier said she’d return to Below Deck if Captain Lee Rosbach needed her |Tommy Garcia/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images/Laurent Basset/Bravo

She’d also consider filling in on the new Below Deck series that is set in Australia. “They’ve got Below Deck Australia so probably the same thing,” she said about filling in. “I know the captain on that [series].” The Australia series, Below Deck Down Under, has yet to be released. Ferrier currently lives in Australia and recently bought a house.

Ferrier laughed about the idea of leaving to film now that she and Roberts are parents. “He’s like thanks just leave me with the baby for a few weeks,” she chuckled.

Why does she want to work for Captain Lee?

But she wouldn’t hesitate to drop everything if Rosbach needed her. Ferrier met Rosbach at the Below Deck Med Season 1 premiere party and they formed a friendship. “So Lee was at the premiere party for Below Deck Med in New York City,” she recalled. “And so we kind of had a drink then and touched base. And then, to be honest with you, I think probably the majority of our relationship grew because he was like a massive support to me while I was filming.”

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“So I would get really frustrated and not know how to deal with something, and I would just turn my mic off and sit in a cafe in the port like on the way back from doing an interview or something and just call him and say, like, ‘How do I navigate this? How do I do this?’ And he was just always there for me, like, firstly, as a friend. And then secondly, as a captain who could give me advice,” she added.

She could do part-time ‘Below Deck’ but she’s running full-time businesses

Ferrier would also have to figure out how to fit in filming while running multiple companies. She runs the yacht training company, Ocean International Training Academy. Plus she hosts a weekly podcast where she welcomes a new reality star or celebrity guest every week.

The podcast, Dear Reality, You’re Effed began as throwback stories from Ferrier’s hilarious diary entries. But she recently moved into interviewing reality personalities. “I just kind of went like, what do I know and love?” she said about the podcast’s transition.

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“And that’s reality TV because I wasn’t just on Below Deck,” she said. “I like watch all the Housewives. I watch Winter House, Summer House, Southern Charm, 90 Day [Fiancé]. So it was like something that I could relate to. I feel like, you know, a lot of people that do podcasts around reality TV have never been on reality TV, so it’s kind of hard for them to really grasp, you know, the concepts.”