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New Amazon Prime comedy Harlem follows four best friends as they balance work, romantic relationships, and friendships in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood. The show features Meagan Good, Empire’s Grace Byers, and established actors Whoopi Goldberg and Jasmine Guy, along with a slew of new faces. Created by Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver, she admitted Good wasn’t a shoo-in for the role of Camille. In a recent interview, the Think Like a Man actor gave her side of the story, revealing she “burst out crying” when learning she landed the role.

Actor Meagan Good
Meagan Good attends Amazon’s “Harlem” Series Premiere | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Meagan Good initially thought she wouldn’t land the role of Camille in ‘Harlem’

Due to actor Meagan Good’s 30-year career in the entertainment industry, it’s safe to assume it probably didn’t take much for her to land the role of aspiring Columbia professor Camille.

However, creator and writer Tracy Oliver told Entertainment Weekly it didn’t happen as quickly as one would think.

In a later interview with the publication, posted on Dec. 3, Good gave her side of the story. After reading the script, she explained that she almost immediately “fell in love” with the character and thought she had the role locked.

However, the actor admitted doubts settled in when she didn’t hear back after two weeks as she hadn’t portrayed a character like Camille before.

She admitted she cried when receiving the news

Good continued, noting that she previously gained a reputation as a “sexy girl,” a mold she wants to break, and revealed she “struggled with” showing her range as an actor.

The Think Like a Man star explained she received the call that she landed the role during a meeting and immediately “burst out crying.”

According to the California native, she desperately wanted to portray the character and participate in the “special show for so many reasons.” When asked about her love for Harlem and Camille, the actor described her character as an “optimist,” a “total boss,” “very sophisticated,” but still a “nerd” at heart.

She appreciates Camille’s layers, no matter how “messy” they are because it shows the humanity in everyone. Additionally, Good admitted she connects with her character’s eccentricity.

Camille is an aspiring professor at Columbia

The Amazon Prime comedy follows four best friends who met at New York University as they balance work, each other, and their love lives as 30-something year-olds in Harlem, New York.

Created by Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver, who wanted to make a show revolving around Black friendships, her experiences partially inspired the series. Good plays an ambitious upcoming professor at Columbia who teaches a popular love and sex class.


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Also very active on social media, she frequently tweets about the gentrification happening in her city. The story picks up with her spotting her ex, Ian (Tyler Lepley), who she dumped five years prior when he moved to France to pursue a culinary career.

Camille hasn’t dated since then and must deal with her lingering feelings and choice to break up with him after finding out he’s engaged. All 10 episodes of the first season are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.