‘Harley Quinn’ Gave Fans the Ending They’ve Been Waiting for Since the ’90s and Proves It Deserves More Seasons

There’s a good amount of Harley Quinn content nowadays. The once-sidekick to Joker is now a star all on her own. But something the DC Universe show Harley Quinn does that other versions of her story aren’t doing is that it’s really diving into her antihero nature. While also allowing Harley to be as absurd and raunchy as necessary. Which is a ton, since she’s Harley Fricken Quinn. 

And another main component of Harley’s story is Poison Ivy. From the first moment Harley Quinn was introduced to DC fans, she was tied to Joker. But the character she has an undeniable first connection with is Poison Ivy. With the Harley Quinn series paying tribute to their first meeting and adding to it, it’s a big thank you to fans and presents a promising future, if DC gives it one. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for DC Universe’s Harley Quinn Season 2 finale].

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn driving off into the sunset, so to speak.
Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn driving off into the sunset, so to speak | DC Universe/WBTV

The Season 2 finale of ‘Harley Quinn’ really showed the character’s growth

Season 1 of Harley Quinn obviously did a lot of exposition; she was still head-over-heels in love with Joker but wanted to establish herself as the powerful villain she desired to be. She’s, of course, spontaneous and doesn’t think things through, but she has the ambition, and fans see that in its first season. 

Season 2 showed how Harley was still out to make her villainous nature known to Gotham, but it also deepened her relationship with Poison Ivy. The two have always had impeccable chemistry, and really care for one another. But this season it clicked for Harley that she loves Ivy more than a friend. However, Ivy didn’t feel like she could reciprocate those emotions because of Harley’s erratic behavior and penchant for choosing herself over anyone else. Harley didn’t think of others before she acted. 

However, the season finale showed that Harley was making a conscious effort to put Ivy above anything else. Even if that meant getting her own heart crushed in the meantime. Harley’s plan to save Ivy’s wedding was not flawless, but the fact that she showed up to save it at all showed growth. Poison Ivy saw Harley’s effort to put Ivy’s happiness over her own. Ivy needed to do the same.

Poison Ivy finally gave in to her feelings for Harley Quinn 

Even though Kiteman was hurt by Poison Ivy’s cheating with Harley, he still wanted to go through with the wedding. However, in the end, Ivy’s very obvious hesitation toward her future with Kiteman made him leave.

To be fair, Ivy was very on the fence with Kiteman from the start. It wasn’t until he wore her down and showed her he was a nice, goofy guy that she opened up to being with him. Season 2 showed her become more comfortable with him, but it was always a bit obvious her chemistry and connection with Harley was the stronger bond. 

While Ivy is a bit saddened by Kiteman’s departure, she’s also relieved that she can embrace her love for Harley, without distractions. She doesn’t have to worry about what other people want from her, but rather what she wants for herself. Plus she does note that Harley is trying to grow for her, which is more than enough for Ivy to confirm her feelings. 

The final scene is reminiscent of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ but with a better ending for Harley and Ivy

Probably the most noticeable easter egg in the finale was the convertible Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy get into to escape the Gotham police. It’s nearly the same car that the two characters escape in when they first meet. 


Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s Love Theme Mirrors Their Relationship on DC Universe’s ‘Harley Quinn’, According To Its Composer, Jefferson Friedman

In Batman: The Animated Series in the ‘90s, Harley gets mistreated and kicked out of Joker’s gang — the usual — and she comes in contact with Poison Ivy at the museum they’re both stealing from. They join forces and escape in a pink convertible with the license plate, “Rose Bud.” They make it to Poison Acres, Ivy’s home, and become Queens of Crime. 

In the cartoon, they’re just best friends, gal pals if you will. But it’s the start of a decades-long (very) close bond. In the ‘90s cartoon, the two aren’t romantically involved on-screen, but between their lounging clothes and Ivy’s fierce defense of her friend, it gave Harlivy fans something to hope on. And with comics, later on, showing them in the shower, and ultimately getting married, fans of the girlfriends got their ship in that form. 

Even though a third season isn’t guaranteed, it’s much deserved 

What Harley Quinn did was actually give an explicitly happy ending to the couple in that convertible. There’s no guessing at their relationship status now. Instead of coyly implying the two are lovers, it’s obvious. 

As Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy drove off in the convertible in the ‘90s, they were ecstatic to get away from the fuzz. Poison Ivy exclaimed, “This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” And decades later shows it definitely was the start to something really great in the DC world. 

With Harley and Ivy driving off in a similar car in Harley Quinn, you can almost hear the unspoken line that they’re also off to a new beginning. Even though the words “The End?” come at the end of the episode, the question mark tells it all. Season 3 isn’t confirmed yet, but at this point it really is necessary.