Harry Styles’ Song ‘Golden’ Was One of the First He Wrote for ‘Fine Line’ and Hopes the Video ‘Cheers’ People Up

Harry Styles has done it again. For the second time during quarantine, Styles released a new music video in hopes of sending any ounce of serotonin to his fans that he can. His new music video for “Golden” is from his second studio album, Fine Line, which came out last December. It takes place in a sunny part of Italy, features Styles running and driving, and really highlights the happiness the song is supposed to evoke from listeners. 

But what is the story behind “Golden”? It was one of the first songs Styles wrote for Fine Line and still makes him happy. 

Harry Styles knew ‘Golden’ was going to be the first song on ‘Fine Line’ from the start

Harry Styles at the SiriusXM Studios on March 02, 2020
Harry Styles at the SiriusXM Studios on March 02, 2020 | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

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In an interview with Zane Lowe in November for Apple Music, Styles recalled the moment he and his team wrote “Golden.” 

“My favorite memory from making this album was the day we wrote ‘Golden,’” Styles said. “We were all sat in the kitchen at [Rick Rubin’s recording studio] Shangri-La, having dinner, and we played it on one guitar while everyone sang around the table. It just felt really good.”

He talked about drugs like mushrooms in the interview and noted that he used to abstain from any substances during recording. But this time he wanted to “go out and experiment” and have fun at this point in his life. 

“Making this record just felt… joyous,” Styles shared. “I was with my friends and we were in Malibu and I felt so safe. Now’s the time to have fun—we’re 24, and I’m in music. I’m not a politician.”

Styles said that “Golden” was written on the second day of the Fine Line writing process in Shangri-La, and he had a feeling about it from the start. 

“Immediately, as soon as we’d done it, it was like, ‘Oh, this is track one,’” Styles said. “I used to drive to the studio, and it’s the perfect PCH song. It’s like driving down the coast is what the song is for. It feels so Malibu to me.”

What is ‘Golden’ about?

Styles mentioning that this is the perfect song to drive along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to is absolutely perfect. “Golden” really does feel like it’s meant for a nice summer drive. Even though it’s fall, though, “Golden” is still a really bright song because it’s not just about the actual sun. But it’s about a person who’s just so joyful and dazzling that they make you feel “golden.”

Throughout the song, Styles equates this person to the sun, saying that they’d even “brown my skin just right, you’re so golden,” meaning that they’re such a light they just might tan him. But this person is also a bit wary of being with Styles, for fear that “hearts get broken.”

He says he “doesn’t wanna be alone” either, “when it ends,” talking about the heartbreak that could come from falling for someone. However, he also can’t fight the “hold” he feels from this person and the only “antidote” is loving the subject of the song. 

It’s a really sweet song that touches on the initial fears that come with a new relationship, but that the joy and adoration you feel from that person is just too strong to ignore. That “golden” person and feeling outweighs the fear. 

Styles’ newest video for ‘Golden’ is something he hopes ‘cheer[s] a couple of people up’

On Oct. 26, Styles released the music video for “Golden” after a day’s worth of prep for fans. Even though it was only just announced, Styles was seen filming in Italy in September. And fans figured out really quickly that it was for “Golden.”

Styles spoke with AP about his new investment in Manchester’s Co-op Live arena on Oct. 26, and also touched on the music video. 

“It’s one of the first songs when I was making the album and it’s always been a source of joy for me,” Styles said. “And I wanted to make a video that encapsulated that.”

The video shows him in loose clothing, running through the streets of this small coastal town in Italy and having a splendid time. He’s driving with gloves and also serenades people in a car at one point. It’s short and sweet, and definitely gives fans that boost of golden brightness in their lives. 

“I’d like to think it will maybe cheer a couple of people up,” Styles shared. “Cheered me up.”

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