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BTS debuted in 2013 with very little hype and attention. However, through hard work and creative marketing, they went on to find big success in South Korea and become the most popular boy band in the world.

BTS seems to be doing very well at the moment, but was there ever a time when they thought about halting their journey together? After all, groups breaking up is a common phenomenon in the music industry. Read on below to find out whether disbandment was ever on BTS’s mind and what their future might look like. 

BTS | Noam Galai/Getty Images

BTS thought about disbanding in early 2018

It’s not clear how many times BTS has thought about disbanding, but the group revealed that they did seriously consider it once in 2018, right when they were getting a lot of recognition around the world.

At the Mnet Asian Music Awards in December 2018, member Jin revealed during one of their acceptance speeches that BTS thought about breaking up earlier that year.

“I remember early this year. We were mentally struggling at the beginning of the year,” Jin said. “While talking amongst ourselves, we even considered disbanding.”

Of course, BTS never actually disbanded. Jin continued by expressing his gratitude for being able to get past the tough time, saying: “I think it’s so fortunate that we got ourselves together and was able to bring good outcomes. I want to thank my members who helped me get myself together and the ARMYs who love us.”

Thanks to their decision to stay together, BTS ended up gaining even more achievements in the next couple of years. They released three movies, had two world tours, and found themselves charting at number 8 on the Billboard chart with their hit single “Boy With Luv.”

Will BTS disband because of South Korea’s mandatory military service?

 BTS is at the top of their game, and they have been working nonstop for seven years. However, that might all change soon as the members have to fulfill their two-year mandatory military service.

Jin, the oldest member, is due to enlist in 2020. Some fans have also been calling for all of BTS to enlist together instead of members leaving one at a time. A petition read: “If BTS members will go separately they are going to lose too much time and popularity that will probably have a very bad impact on the country’s economy, culture, and tourism.”

Regardless of whether BTS enlists together or separately, it’s clear that the group will halt their activities for at least a couple of years. What BTS will do after the completion of their military service is still unknown. Looking at some older K-pop groups, such as Super Junior and Shinhwa, who are still active and popular after all of their members returned from the military, it seems that BTS would have a bright future ahead as well.

BTS’s contract lasts until 2026


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Fortunately for fans, BTS actually renewed their contract in 2018. The group originally had a seven-year contract that lasted until 2021, though their new contract will now allow them to stay together until 2026.

They could, of course, renew their contract again in the next few years, but that is hard to predict at the moment. In any case, the fact that BTS wanted to go on beyond their original seven years is a good sign that the members have a strong desire to stay together and continue making music for fans.