Has Kanye West Ever Cheated on Kim Kardashian? Fans Are Confident He Has Always Stayed Faithful

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are one of Hollywood’s biggest couples. And as often happens to love lives in the limelight, their relationship must endure plenty of scrutiny. People often wonder if West has been faithful to his wife.

While there are people who suspect he has, fans don’t believe it — and they have good reasons to back that up.

Kanye West can be erratic

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

West is well known for strange behavior, says BuzzFeed, which may be one of the reasons people wonder if he’s kept his wedding vows. For example, he famously started a feud with Taylor Swift by interrupting her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, declaring that Beyoncé should have won instead. The guy simply doesn’t have very good boundaries.

If that were the only odd behavior, it would probably be forgotten, but West regularly makes headlines in head-scratching ways. He’s given to making bizarre statements on Twitter. He once tweeted to the rapper Khalifa Kush that he owns Kush’s child, because he had dated the mother Amber Rose in the past.

He once tried to communicate with friends with beep sounds, calling words the “lowest form of communication.”

He’s also upset fans with political rants in support of Donald Trump, saying that he and the president both have “dragon energy” and that his MAGA hat is a Superman cape.

Most recently he’s announced that he’s running for president this year, despite the fact that he’s not on the ballot in any of the 50 states. 

While all of this is out of the ordinary, does it follow that he’s unfaithful too? Some people think so. 

There have been cheating rumors

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It’s not surprising that the rumor mill has churned out tales of affairs thanks to sites like Gossip Cop. Salacious stories sell, after all. At one point in 2018, West was linked to singer Teyana Taylor. However, the time they spent together could be attributed to the fact that the two are friends and that Taylor is signed to West’s record label. 

After that, he was rumored to be seeing a model named Erica Jardim, who appeared in the season 6 campaign for West’s clothing line Yeezy. These rumors fizzled out too. West has also been accused of flirting with Kim’s sisters, and even that he had a crush on Kourtney. 

According to the website Gossip Cop, none of these rumors have any merit. Still, some people insist that all that smoke means there must be fire. But fans aren’t buying it. 

Fans believe he’s faithful 

On Reddit, fans got into a discussion of whether or not West had ever cheated on Kim. Most of them agreed that they didn’t believe he had, for a range of reasons. 

“Yeah, I think Kanye likes Kim too much,” one person insisted, “that he wouldn’t ever do that.” Another agreed, pointing out, “he adored her for so long, way before they got together, I just don’t see him doing that.”

Not everyone thought the couple was faithful for the most healthy reasons, saying things like, “they both seem obsessed with each other.” 

“I’m not a fan of their relationship in general but I just can’t see either of them cheating,” another fan said. “I think that they respect each other (although I do think Kanye has control issues) and I think that’s important in a relationship.”

Someone suggested that West’s famously outspoken style means that he must not have strayed because “I feel like if he cheated or was cheated on he would’ve told us already.”

But ultimately, as one fan put it, “I think that the Kim and Kanye genuine love each other. They are [a] perfect match.”

Only West and Kardashian know the truth about their marriage. But if their fans are right, West’s fidelity is one thing no one has to worry about.