This ‘Haunting Of Hill House’ Actor Made an Appearance in the Disney+ Series, ‘WandaVision’

Some know Julian Hilliard as the adorable and slightly haunted Luke Crain from Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House. However, this young actor had a very different role for the Disney+ original Marvel series, WandaVision, starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. 

Here’s what we know about this actor and his projects outside of Netflix’s horror series. 

The cast of Netflix's 'The Haunting Of Hill House' poses together at the premiere
The cast of Netflix’s ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ Season 1 Premiere | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Netflix’s ‘Haunting of Hill House’ starred Julian Hilliard as young Luke 

It was one of the most haunted houses in America, according to Steve Crain’s novels. Netflix’s original horror series told the story of one family plagued by their early years in the mysterious “Hill House.”

For several episodes, fans saw life in the house as it went from spooky to potentially hazardous. In the flashbacks, the actor Hillard starred as young Luke Crain, a boy with a treehouse and a ghost with a cane following him around. He was also a twin, sharing the pain of his sister, Nellie. 

As an adult, Luke Crain struggled with addiction issues and later risked his life to discover the truth about his sister. However, Hilliard did not return for season 2 of this series, The Haunting of Bly Manor.

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Julian Hilliard portrayed one of Wanda’s boys in the Disney+ original series, ‘WandaVision’

An essential part of Wanda and Vision’s family was their twins. The heroes named their boys Billy and Tommy. However, because the twins were more than just normal children, these characters aged quickly during Marvel’s series. 

As the boys aged, they were portrayed by different actors. For most of the series, Billy and Tommy Maximoff were portrayed by Hilliard and Jett Klyne, respectively. These kids had powers, even fighting against the military when the Hex was invaded. 

They also briefly had a dog and an uncle during WandaVision. Although Wanda lost her boys during the season 1 finale, thanks to the “after-credits scene,” fans learned that they might not have seen the last of Billy and Tommy.

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Will Julian Hillard appear in future Marvel productions?

In some behind-the-scenes clips, Marvel fans saw the young actors playing with iconic Marvel props, like Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer. As a result, some fans shared their love for these stars, saying they should portray the characters forever. 

Because these characters age so quickly, it’s unclear if Hillard will return to portray this young Marvel hero. These wouldn’t be the only television shows or films starring Hilliard. This young actor had a role in the 2021 horror film The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and the 2019 production, Color Out of Space.

Episodes of WandaVision are available on Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+, while The Haunting of Hill House is available on the rival subscription service, Netflix.