‘Hawkeye’: Marvel Unveils New Trailer, Plans to Drop 2 Episodes on the Show’s Release Date

Marvel Studios has released multiple Disney+ series over the course of 2021, and Hawkeye will round out the year with a story heavily centered on the holiday season. The first Hawkeye trailer teased “the most wonderful time of the year” ahead of the show’s November release date. The studio’s second look at the upcoming series follows suit.

The new trailer also shows the aftermath of Clint Barton’s (Jeremy Renner) actions back in Avengers: Endgame. It looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe will address his time as Ronin after all. And fans can look forward to a two-episode premiere to kick off Hawkeye’s story.

‘Hawkeye’ debuts ahead of the holiday season

Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner as Kate Bishop and Clint Barton in Marvel's 'Hawkeye.' The new 'Hawkeye' trailer shows more of their upcoming series, which will drop 2 episodes on its release date. The image shows them staring at one another, and Kate is holding a bow.
Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner in ‘Hawkeye’ | Marvel Studios

Hawkeye arrives on Nov. 24, just in time for the winter holidays. That’s fitting given the show’s backdrop. The Hawkeye trailer teases a story that sees Clint doing everything he can to reunite with his family for Christmas. Unfortunately, just about every criminal in New York City seems to be after him, making that a difficult feat to accomplish.

Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) should help level the playing field, becoming an ally and sidekick for Clint — at least, until she finally takes up the Hawkeye mantle herself. The new footage shows off more of their relationship, and it promises an action-packed story as we near Hawkeye‘s release date. It should also force Clint to confront his demons.

Marvel drops new ‘Hawkeye’ trailer

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Marvel’s new Hawkeye trailer builds on the themes laid out in the first one, but it delves deeper into the show’s plot — and Clint’s relationship with Kate. Not only do viewers get an actual conversation between the duo, but they glimpse Clint going head to head with the mobsters threatening him and his family.

Despite Clint and Kate’s archery skills, it looks like Hawkeye’s villains might actually prove a match for them. On the bright side, that means more action on the horizon. And the trailer shows fights happening at a Renaissance Faire and in a formal, James Bond-esque setting. If that doesn’t get viewers excited about Hawkeye‘s looming release date, nothing will.

Marvel will drop 2 episodes on the show’s release date

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In addition to the new Hawkeye trailer, Marvel gave fans another unexpected gift: the news that they’ll be able to stream two episodes of the upcoming series on its release date. That’s right, Hawkeye is receiving a two-part premiere that’s sure to be a highlight of Thanksgiving this year.

The studio shared the news on the show’s Twitter account, writing, “Kick off the holidays with the first two episodes of Marvel Studios’ #Hawkeye, and start streaming on November 24 on @DisneyPlus.”

Of course, that means the six-episode series will likely fly by once it begins. It does leave the Hawkeye finale on the same week as Christmas, though. That’s another fitting development for the new Marvel series.

Hawkeye debuts on Disney+ on Nov. 24.