‘Hawkeye’: New Set Photos Offers Marvel Fans Their First Look at Hailee Steinfeld Suited Up as Kate Bishop

The upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye is bringing new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 4. While Marvel has been super secretive about the show’s storyline, they have announced several new cast members. One of those is Hailee Steinfeld, who is suiting up as Kate Bishop. After seeing the first photos leaked from the set, fans are already loving Steinfeld’s comic-faithful costume.

Hawkeye Jeremy Renner
Hawkeye himself | Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MIU MIU

Set photos reveal that ‘Hawkeye’ takes place in 2025

Marvel officially announced the Hawkeye series during the summer of 2019. The only thing fans really know at this point is that Jeremy Renner will once again reprise his role as Clint Barton. And, as Screen Rant notes, production photos have revealed that the show will take place in 2025.

The only other confirmed piece of information about Hawkeye is that it will introduce Kate Bishop into the MCU. However, the studio has yet to officially announce who they’ve cast in the role.

For months, Steinfeld has been linked to the part. But, conflicting reports about her availability made it unclear if the Pitch Perfect star would be involved in the series. But now that cameras have spotted Steinfeld on set alongside Renner, it’s clear that she will be Kate Bishop in the MCU.

The character debuted in Marvel Comics back in 2005 in the first issue of Young Avengers. Kate comes from a wealthy family who was in business with various villains. After Hawkeye saves her one night, she becomes a fan of the sharpshooting Avenger. The victim of a sexual assault, Kate decides to learn how to protect herself.

Fans are already in love with Kate Bishop’s comic-faithful costume

When production on Hawkeye began in early December, photos from the set gave fans their first look at Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. The pics showed the 24-year-old in a comic-faithful purple costume, and fans are already giving their stamp of approval.

Several photos show Steinfeld on set with Renner in New York. She had already been spotted wearing a shirt straight from the comics, and the new images are the first of her superhero costume.

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The concept art that Marvel Studios shared back when they announced Hawkeye confirmed the purple costume. As ComicBook.com notes, it’s not the full purple suit from the concept art and comics. But, the set photos could be an early version or a prototype. The costume is fully armed with her bow and arrows, and it has the Avengers logo on the sleeve.

“i never knew i needed hailee steinfeld as kate bishop omg SHE LOOKS SO GOOD,” one excited fan wrote. Another added, “i believe in hailee steinfeld as kate bishop supremacy.”

Marvel has not yet announced a premiere date for ‘Hawkeye’

While fans have voiced their approval for Steinfeld’s look as Kate Bishop, the pics have sparked speculation about why the character is suiting up like this so soon. The purple superhero costume – while being fully armed with a bow and arrows – is not her everyday look.

It’s possible that the pictures show Clint and Kate on their way to a fight with one of the already-announced characters. Those include Echo (Alaqua Cox), Swordsman (Tony Dalton), and Clown (Fra Fee). The enemy could also be Kate’s arch-nemesis Madame Masque, who is aligned with Kate’s mother, Eleanor Bishop. Madame Masque is rumored to be the main villain in Hawkeye.

The Conjuring star Vera Farmiga is taking on the role of Eleanor, who doesn’t have a major role in Kate’s life in the Marvel comics. She supposedly died during a visit to Colorado after having two daughters with Derek Bishop. However, the comics later revealed that she didn’t die and was secretly giving orders to Madame Masque.

According to Screen Rant, the comics have not yet revealed how Eleanor faked her death. It’s also not yet clear why she and Madame Masque are aligned.

Marvel has not yet announced an exact release date for Hawkeye. Before the pandemic, they had it scheduled for a Summer 2021 debut. Now they have only announced that it will premiere in fall 2021.