‘Hawkeye’ Trailer: Fans Discover References ‘Straight Out of’ a Recent Marvel Comic

The first trailer for Hawkeye is out, and Marvel fans are abuzz at what each frame could mean. They’ve already dissected every shot to discern possible spoilers from the show. Some fans of Hawkeye from the comics have noticed a few references to that version of the character, and for them, that’s a very good thing. 

The first trailer for ‘Hawkeye’ is out

Hawkeye released its first trailer for the show’s opening season on Disney+. Like with the other Marvel Disney+ shows, the first preview was hotly anticipated by fans. While it’s light on specifics, there were multiple elements of the show revealed. For instance, Hawkeye leaves behind his family, but promises to be with them for Christmas. The holiday theme reminds some of Iron Man 3.

On that note, the show takes place in New York City. Fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about seeing their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, however. Tom Holland wasn’t in the trailer and by all accounts will not appear on the show (unless a surprise cameo is in the works). 

Most importantly, fans get their first look at Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop. There’s plenty of interaction between her and her new mentor. She appears to be a skilled archer as well, much like her character in the comics. When the two meet, it appears she’s taken up the vigilante Ronin costume Hawkeye last donned in Avengers: Endgame.

Beyond that, there isn’t much other than some vague action scenes that look entertaining, but don’t reveal too many details. Of course, leave it to Marvel fans to pour through every moment of the trailer. Some viewers have taken a closer look and gone on a deeper dive into the comics to find what they believe to be some interesting references. 

Fans discover references from a ‘Hawkeye’ comic

(L-R) Hawkeye/Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) in 'Hawkeye'
(L-R) Hawkeye/Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) in ‘Hawkeye’ | Mary Cybulski/Marvel Studios

Marvel fans took to Reddit to discuss the trailer after it debuted. One commenter noted that some of the visuals should look familiar to any fans of Hawkeye’s comics, citing one author’s work in particular: 

“Wow some of those scenes are straight out of the comic, wich i highly recommend, everyone interested in this should read Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye.”

Fraction’s run was one of the most critically acclaimed pieces of Hawkeye material available. According to CBR, it features Barton passing the mantle of Hawkeye onto Bishop (while still remaining Hawkeye himself) and also features plenty of “color coordination.” Anyone watching this trailer would notice the distinctive purples present in the comics. 

The presence of purple wasn’t the only reference to the popular Fraction run, however. 

The trailer was chock full of Hawkeye trivia


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This comic run gave the character plenty of depth, diving into what made him tick. While the MCU adaptation isn’t exactly like the one we see in the comics, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of parallels. 

For example, in the trailer, there’s a brief shot of a dog wearing Christmas decorations. In all likelihood, this is a reference to “Lucky the Pizza Dog” featured in the same comic run. 

One other Redditor pointed out that Hawkeye is wearing a hearing aid in the trailer, with someone else pointing out that this is a character trait from the comics as well: 

“Yeah, I’m glad they gave Hawkeye hearing aids finally, too, since he’s had them in the comics for decades. I bet most people don’t even realize Hawkeye is deaf in the comics.”

If Hawkeye’s comics are any indication, fans of the character and the larger MCU are in for quite a treat.