How Much Did Hayley Hasselhoff Get Paid for Playboy Cover?

Hayley Hasselhoff is making headlines — and it’s not just for being David Hasselhoff’s daughter. She’s making a name for herself for her stunning debut on the cover of Playboy. So, how much was she paid for the photoshoot? And what is Hayley Hasselhoff’s net worth overall? Here’s what we know.

Close-up of Hayley Hasselhoff
Hayley Hasselhoff attends the Ernsting’s Family Fashion Dinner | Tristar Media/Getty Images

Everyone knows the infamous David Hasselhoff. The actor is known for his role on Baywatch and other American TV shows and movies. And now, it’s his daughter who’s in the spotlight thanks to her decision to participate in European Playboy. Hayley Hasselhoff has officially made history as the first plus-size model to be featured in the publication.

According to Sportskeeda, she started her career in modeling at a young age. She was with Ford Models agency at just 14 years old. Hayley also competed on Celebrity X Factor in 2019. Not only that, but she’s an advocate for mental health. She began an initiative for mental health awareness called “Check In With You.”

“As artists, we deal with the fear of the unknown every day,” she explained to Marie Claire UK. “If we can discuss how we’ve lived alongside our mental health challenges and give back what mental wellbeing practices have worked for us, it may help someone find the practice that works for them.” 

How much was she paid for her Playboy cover?

Hayley spoke to DailyMail about being a model in the “curve industry.” And she’s ultra-proud of how far she’s come in her journey. On April 14, 2021, she shared her Playboy cover on Instagram.

“You have to remember I’ve been in this industry since I was 14 and I’ve been a curve model since I was 14,” she told the publication. “‘To see the progression of where I’ve gone, to where I am today, I think they’re both very, very supportive and they believe in me and all the choices I make in my own career, just like I do for them.”

Hayley Hasselhoff’s net worth likely got a boost from her work with Playboy. Celebrity Net Worth reports Playmate of the Month models received $500 for one shoot back in 1953, which would be the equivalent of $4,300 today. Playmate of the Year models would also receive an additional $250 bonus.

Now, it’s reported Playmate of the Month models get around $25,000 a month for a shoot. and Playmate of the Year models get around $140,000 as well as cars and motorbikes.

As far as Hayley is concerned, she’s not a Playmate of the Month or Year, but because of her celebrity status, it’s safe to assume she’s still bringing in thousands for her single shoot. Other famous folks, like Kim Kardashian West and Jenny McCarthy, accepted over $100,000 for their shoots.

How much is Hayley Hasselhoff worth? Her net worth is impressive

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So, what is Hayley Hasselhoff’s net worth in 2021? It seems the actor and model has kept it somewhat of a mystery, but David’s net worth stands around $10 million, Distractify reports. We don’t suspect Hayley has quite the net worth her father does, but because she’s been working as a model since her teen years and taking some on-screen gigs from time to time, she’s certainly a millionaire.

We’re not sure what Hayley will get up to in the future, but it certainly looks bright. Given her experience with television acting, reality TV, her cause for mental health, and now Playboy, her following surely looks up to her as a beacon of success and empowerment.

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