Where Was HBO’s ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 Filmed? An Inside Look at the New Location

HBO filmed FBoy Island Season 1 in the Cayman Islands, but season 2 heads to a brand new exotic location. Nikki Glaser returns as the host of the HBO reality TV series while three new women sort through the self-proclaimed “FBoys” and “Nice Guys.” Find out everything you need to know about where Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones, and Tamaris Sepulveda met their 26 eligible bachelors. Take a look at photos of the private estate in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, below.

Where was ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 filmed? 

HBO filmed Fboy Island Season 2 in a new location; Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. The 26 men and three women spent two months filming at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. It’s a resort town with gorgeous coastlines and spectacular granite rock formations. The city is also well-known as a premier golf destination. And it’s the home of world-class big game sport fishing competitions.

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‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 was filmed at a private ‘estate’ according to Nikki Glaser

HBO did not share details about which Cabo San Lucas resort they filmed FBoy Island Season 2 at. However, after watching the first three episodes, it’s evident that the location isn’t a resort. Episode 1 opens with sandy beaches, rock formations, and an infinity pool. Host Nikki Glaser gives viewers a tidbit of information about the filming location for FBoy Island Season 2.

“Here at this estate that was probably purchased with drug money, you will be attending one of the most anticipated parties in the world — Brochella.”

The producers filmed the show at a private home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In episode 1, Peter Park takes Mia on a little tour through the house. He shows off a few bedrooms, and the couple lands on a balcony overlooking the pool.

'FBoy Island' Season 2 contestants Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones and Tamaris Sepulveda sitting behind host Nikki Glasser
‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones and Tamaris Sepulveda and host Nikki Glaser

The Cabo San Lucas villa is available for rent on VRBO

Showbiz Cheat Sheet found the private villa, Casa Ocho, that FBoy Island Season 2 filmed on VRBO. The villa sleeps 34 people and boasts 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The property is in the private community of Punta Bella. However, it is minutes away from 5-star resorts, spas, shopping, and golf courses. So, it didn’t take the contestants long to drive to nearby excursions for the dates on the reality TV show. 

A modern beachfront villa where producers filmed 'FBoy Island' Season 2 on HBO
Ultra Modern Beachfront Villa with Full Staff, Infinity Pool, and Jacuzzi | VRBO

Casa Ocho operates like a luxury resort, with an entire staff of private chefs, butlers, concierge, and housekeepers. The producers of FBoy Island didn’t have to hire a bartender like on Bachelor in Paradise. Instead, the Cabo Platinum agency that rents the home out staffs the bar and kitchen. Caso Ocho is an incredible find for the filming location of FBoy Island Season 2.

FBoy Island Season 2 premieres on HBO Max on July 14, 2022, with the first three episodes. All 10 episodes of season 1 are currently available for streaming on HBO Max.

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