HBO Max Creates a Powerful Video and Hashtag for Women’s Equality Day

HBO Max created a powerful video for Women’s Equality Day that it shared across its social media. On Twitter, the streaming service posted it along with the hashtag #SoSheDid.

What’s in the HBO Max video?

HBO Max executives on stage
Kevin Reully, Sarah Aubrey of HBO Max on stage during the 2020 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour. | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The video features multiple women from the entertainment industry commenting on how they have been told they are “too much” in various ways.  Whether it’s “too fearless,” “too intimidating,” or “too emotional,” the video takes a stance in support of women who feel they’ve received criticism for being true to themselves.

It features Jordan Alexander, Laura Donnelly, Susie Essman, Myha’la Herrold, Martha Plimpton, Lisa Ling, Hannah Einbinder, Zion Moreno and Eyricka Lanvin speaking on the topic. It also includes clips of on-screen performances by a number of other women actors.

“When we were little, they told us we could be anything,” Ling begins. “But when we became everything, that was too much for some folks. When we push the boundaries. Sometimes the boundaries push back,” Alexander continues. The women then go on to discuss how they persevere despite those boundaries.

The #SoSheDid hashtag

The video ends with the hashtag #SoSheDid, which appears in the tweet, as well. Fans on Twitter jumped on board. They shared clips, images, and GIFs of their favorite female characters using the hashtag. The official accounts of various shows joined in, as well.

The Twitter account of the Harley Quinn series, for example, tweeted the hashtag with the quote “H–l yeah, we did!” and a GIF of Poison Ivy (Lake Bell). Doom Patrol tweeted “Our entire f—–g world would end without them.” The tweet included the #SoSheDid and #WomensEqualityDay hashtags and photos of the characters Rita (April Bowlby) and Jane (Diane Guerrero).

And they weren’t the only shows to do so. A number of additional series took part, as well. There were, of course, many others that tweeted about the holiday without using the hashtag. The Star Trek account tweeted, “It’s #WomensEqualityDay and we’re looking back at some of the most inspiring women of #StarTrek.” The tweet included a link to an article about women in the franchise.

What is Women’s Equality Day?

According to NPR, we celebrate the holiday on August 26 because on that day in 1920, the 19th Amendment was passed, granting women the right to vote. However, it is important to note that women of color were frequently prevented from voting, nonetheless. That’s due to a number of de facto barriers that kept them away from the polls.

As NPR explains, “Millions of women — those who weren’t white — were effectively left out when it came to gaining the right to vote in 1920, despite Black women’s involvement in the suffragette movement.”

To find more posts about the entertainment world’s involvement with Women’s Equality Day and #SoSheDid, take a look at the hashtags across social media.

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