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HBO Max is taking 2022 by storm with original content that draws viewers in. The streaming platform ended 2021 with the release of And Just Like That… and will close out Q1 with the premiere of Julia, a drama based on the life of famed television chef, Julia Child. The series, which has been in development since 2020, officially has a release date, and we are learning more and more about the project ahead of its March 2022 premiere. 

When will ‘Julia’ premiere on HBO Max? 

HBO Max has remained pretty tightlipped about Julia, but fans who have been anxiously awaiting news final have a release date. On February 15, HBO Max announced the series will premiere on March 31. The first season will include eight episodes. 

Fran Kranz and Sarah Lancashire in the HBO Max drama, 'Julia'
Fran Kranz and Sarah Lancashire in ‘Julia’ | Seacia Pavao/HBO Max

HBO Max has opted to shy away from the binge phenomenon. Instead of releasing an entire season in one drop, the platform prefers a weekly release schedule, much like traditional television. Not only does the strategy help keep the content in the public consciousness for longer, but it allows a series to continue to build buzz as it progresses. 

Several stars have been tapped to join the production 

Meryl Streep famously portrayed Julia Child in the 2009 big-screen hit, Julie & Julia, but another actor will be taking a crack at the character for HBO Max. Sarah Lancashire will take on the title role. Lancashire is most famous for her role in Happy Valley, a British crime drama. 

Fiona Glascott and David Hyde Pierce on the set of 'Julia'
Fiona Glascott and David Hyde Pierce in ‘Julia’ | Seacia Pavao/HBO Max

Tom Hollander was initially set to portray Paul Child, Julia’s husband. David Hyde Pierce replaced Hollander in 2020. Pierce is best known for playing Dr. Niles Crane on Frasier for 11 seasons. According to Deadline, Hollander abandoned the project when Coronavirus (COVID-19) production and travel restrictions delayed the project. Hollander is based in the United Kingdom.

Another Frasier alum will join Pierce. Bebe Neuwirth will portray Avis DeVoto, Julia’s pen pal. Avis played a critical role in getting Julia Child’s first cookbook published. Neuwirth spent years playing Dr. Lilith Sternin on both Cheers and Frasier. Fiona Glascott and Lindsey Broad have also signed on to the project. 

What part of Julia Child’s life will ‘Julia’ cover? 

Julia Child’s life can be divided into several interesting chapters. Before marriage, the famed chef worked for the United States government in the Office of Strategic Services. She helped develop a shark repellant and may or may not have been a spy, depending on who you ask. 

Julia Child smiles with her arms crossed
Julia Child | Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

After marriage, she moved to France and learned to cook at Le Cordon Bleu. Once stateside again, she became the television personality fans have continued to fall in love with years after her death. The series, unfortunately, can not cover it all. 

The drama will focus on Julia Child’s time on television and the development of her television show. According to Deadline, the show will also explore the dynamic between Julia and Paul Child. The couple’s loving marriage has fascinated millions for decades. 

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