HBO Max Is Developing a ‘Green Lantern’ Show, But the Hero Could Debut in the ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder finally dropped the news fans had been waiting so long to hear. But the Justice League Snyder cut announcement carries with it more questions than answers. Snyder revealed his version will debut on HBO Max sometime in 2021. But other than that, precious few details are out there. For instance, could HBO Max introduce its Green Lantern in the movie?

Ryan Reynolds arrives at the premiere of 'Green Lantern'
Ryan Reynolds arrives at the premiere of ‘Green Lantern’ | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Any new ‘Green Lantern’ has to overcome the 2011 movie

In the comics, Sinestro is Green Lantern’s arch-nemesis. But in the real world, the hero’s greatest foe is actually a 2011 misfire starring Ryan Reynolds. Unlike Superman and Batman, Green Lantern has only headlined a single live-action movie.

So any new interpretation will need to erase the memory of his big-screen debut. Even Reynolds has routinely poked fun at the movie’s failure. That being said, the DC Extended Universe announced a Green Lantern Corps. movie years ago. Yet, it has never come together.

Likely, the delay has been partly motivated by trepidation over the film’s performance. However, the notion of a space cop who uses an alien ring — and the power of will — to conjure up weapons has a ton of potential. Inevitably, the DC icon will return to the big screen at some point, right?

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Zack Snyder has made ambiguous comments about the character

With news of the Justice League Snyder cut, fans have speculated what characters will appear in the new footage. Snyder has already confirmed the villainous Darkseid will appear in the HBO Max project. Likewise, fans are all but certain Martian Manhunter will finally fill out the Justice League line-up.

But there’s also a chance Green Lantern could make his official DCEU debut in the new Justice League. After all, one such warrior pops up briefly in the theatrical cut during a battle flashback. And Snyder has made ambiguous comments on Twitter that might indicate another Lantern was due to appear too.

With Justice League, it’s beginning to sound like Snyder was determined to fully set up the DCEU’s future. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cracked that door open. And the Justice League Snyder cut would have flung it wide open. Fans know Green Lantern was part of the DCEU slate. So it’s not a stretch for Snyder to at least hint at the hero.

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HBO Max could introduce two separate versions of the character

Of course, HBO Max might have just complicated matters. Greg Berlanti — of The CW’s Arrowverse — is developing a Green Lantern show for the streaming service. The series will reportedly feature higher production values than The CW shows Berlanti is known for. But it’s unclear if it will tie into Berlanti’s previous DC work.

Perhaps the HBO Max Green Lantern show will connect directly to Arrow, The Flash, and such. Or it could completely stand apart from any existing projects. But if Snyder does introduce the Green Lantern, the Justice League Snyder cut could lead directly into the Green Lantern show.

The Justice League Snyder cut clouds the notion of which stories are canon and which are not. Given Green Lantern’s on-screen history, Warner Bros. will likely tread carefully when he is reintroduced. So having two separate versions — one in the movies and one on HBO Max — feels unlikely. But at this point, Warner Bros. is already in unprecedented territory.