Hearties Want to Know Why ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 6 Isn’t on Netflix

Hallmark went back to Hope Valley on Christmas day when the network aired the annual When Calls the Heart holiday special. The 1½-hour movie featured Elizabeth preparing to celebrate baby Jack’s first birthday. Meanwhile, Lucas planned an elaborate Christmas festival to impress her, while his rival Nathan had to make a choice about whether to stay in Hope Valley or move on. 

The special slaked the thirst of Hearties, who’d been waiting for new episodes of their favorite show since the season 6 finale aired in June 2019. But it also left many wondering when they’d get the chance to revisit those episodes on Netflix

‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 6 still isn’t on Netflix 

Lucas and Elizabeth cutting a ribbon
Lucas (Chris McNally) and Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) in the season 6 finale of When Calls the Heart | ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

In recent years, new seasons on When Calls the Heart have aired in the winter and spring. And by late fall or early winter, those episodes have arrived on Netflix. But this year, that isn’t the case. 

Currently, five seasons of the show are streaming on the service. Season 4 arrived on Netflix in December 2017, while season 5 made its debut at the end of December 2018. But season 6 still isn’t available, nor does it appear on any lists of upcoming January 2020 Netflix releases. 

Hearties are getting frustrated 

The Netflix streaming delay has left some Hearties frustrated. A few voiced their disappointment in comments on a post from the show’s official Instagram account that encouraged people to purchase a streaming pass for the upcoming season 7 on Amazon or other sites.

“When comes season 6 on Netflix?” one fan asked. Several other commenters had a similar response to the post. One even worried that Netflix and Hallmark might have parted ways, leaving those without cable no choice but to purchase individual episodes from Amazon or iTunes.  

The When Calls the Heart Instagram account replied to a few of the comments. However, the response that a “Netflix date for season six has not yet been announced” didn’t shed much light on the issue. 

What about ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 7? 

Hearties are also waiting to find out when the next season of When Calls the Heart will start airing on Hallmark. While a specific premiere date has not been announced, a Jan. 3 post on the show’s official Instagram indicated that the show would return in February 2020. That’s what many fans expected, since the last four seasons have premiered in that month.  

In the next season of the show, fans will see more of the love triangle between Elizabeth, Lucas, and Nathan.

“Lucas and Nathan let Elizabeth know, in no uncertain terms, how they feel about her,” showrunner Alfonso H. Moreno told Entertainment Tonight

We may also see more of Rosemary’s journey to motherhood, Moreno said, as well as the evolution of Carson and Faith’s relationship and wedding planning for Clara and Jessie. Clearly, Hearties have a lot to look forward to!

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