‘Heartland’: Amber Marshall Says in Season 16 the Characters Start ‘to Find Themselves Again’

The TV show Heartland first premiered on CBC in 2007, and the show’s 16th season is currently filming. In a recent interview on the Hallmarkies Podcast, actor Amber Marshall, who plays Amy Fleming on the show, revealed what fans can expect from season 16 of Heartland.

Jack and Amy stand near a river in season 14 of 'Heartland'
Shaun Johnston and Amber Marshall in ‘Heartland’ | Courtesy of CBC.

Season 16 of ‘Heartland’ is filming

Season 15 of Heartland concluded in 2021. On June 1, Marshall made a special announcement confirming that season 16 of Heartland will happen. The actor confirmed the new season in a video on her YouTube channel.

In the YouTube video, Marshall shared:

“Hey Heartland fans, Amber Marshall here. And I am very excited to finally announce that season 16 of Heartland is a go. So we will start shooting next week. It’s already been a busy few weeks of prep, and I know that many of you have been speculating and saying ‘I think maybe it’s going.’ And I was sworn to secrecy so I appreciate everyone being so understanding and I just — it’s, it’s surreal really.”

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Amber Marshall thinks filming season 16 of ‘Heartland’ is ‘so much fun’

On July 18, the Hallmarkies Podcast published a new interview with Marshall. In the interview, Marshall called filming the season “so much fun.” The actor also reassured fans that the show will have a familiar tone going forward.

“And then 16, which we’re now just filming, has been just so much fun. It’s been one of those, it’s like, ‘OK, so now we’re two years out of the darkness.’ And now all the characters are really starting to just find themselves again. I’ve had a lot of fun,” Marshall said on the podcast.

She continued, “And it’s also been really beautiful weather and we’ve just, it feels like we’re kind of back to that Heartland that I think we all know and love.”

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Why the show felt different in the past two seasons

In Heartland, Graham Wardle played Amy’s husband Ty Borden. When Wardle decided to leave the show, his character died in season 14 of Heartland. Because of this, the past two seasons have had a darker tone as the characters adjust to this change.

“Season 14 was very depressing,” Marshall admitted on the Hallmarkies Podcast. “I have to say. There’s an event that happens which I’m sure you’re aware of, that just shattered the Heartland family. And it kind of tore us up a little bit too because this is a character that’s been with all of us for 14 years, 13 years.”

While season 14 of Heartland was difficult, Marshall thinks the show had a lighter feel in its most recent season.

“And then 15, I felt just a sigh of relief. Because it was like, ‘OK, so we’ve done that season. It’s done. Let’s start moving forward. Let’s start bringing that light back.’ Because I think that’s what people really like about the show is that they can sit down and they can watch it and just feel contentment,” Marshall said on the podcast.

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