‘Heartland Season 16’: Amber Marshall Teases the Return of Old Characters

Season 16 of Heartland is currently filming, and the new season of the long-running TV show is set to premiere in October. In a recent interview on the Hallmarkies Podcast, actor Amber Marshall teased that a few old characters will appear in the new season.

Jack and Amy stand near a river in season 14 of 'Heartland'
Shaun Johnston and Amber Marshall in ‘Heartland’ | Courtesy of CBC.

Old characters will be part of season 16 of ‘Heartland’

In Heartland, Marshall plays the show’s main character, Amy Fleming. She has been on the show since it first premiered on CBC in 2007. While Marshall and multiple cast members have come back every season, other characters have either left entirely or only appear sporadically.

On the Hallmarkies Podcast, Marshall shared that she loves it when old characters come back for an episode or two.

“But I also would like to see some of the characters. I love that we do kind of pay that respect to previous characters coming back. So you watch Mallory (Jessica Amlee) grow up, and then Mallory left. And then we get to see her and Jake return,” Marshall said.

She continued, “Which is really cool because these actors, they grow up off-screen, and then when you don’t see them for so many years and all of a sudden they come back you’re like, ‘You’re an adult now, you’re all grown up.’”

Marshall also teased that some old characters are “coming back” for season 16 of Heartland.

“So we do get to see a couple characters coming back this season, so season 16 is what we’re filming right now that haven’t been there for a while,” the actor said on the Hallmarkies Podcast.

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Amber Marshall wants ‘more unique guest star horses’ on the TV show

In addition to old actors returning for season 16 of Heartland, Marshall shared her hopes that future seasons of Heartland will feature different types of storylines involving horses.

“And I think it’s really cool to have different types of horses too. Because the majority of horses we use on the show are Quarter Horses. They’re amazing; they have worked out so well for us,” Marshall said on the Hallmarkies Podcast. “But every once in a while it’s really cool to be able to see just a totally different breed. We’re like, ‘Oh, that’s really neat.’ Like, ‘What is that?’”

She added, “Just some more unique guest star horses I think would be really cool.”

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Season 16 of ‘Heartland’ will premiere in October

The new season of Heartland will premiere on CBC on Oct. 2. Season 16 is set to have 15 episodes, which is an increase from the 10-episode count the past three seasons had.

On the Hallmarkies Podcast, Marshall gave some details about the tone of the upcoming season of Heartland.

“And then 16, which we’re now just filming, has been just so much fun. It’s been one of those, it’s like, ‘OK, so now we’re two years out of the darkness.’ And now all the characters are really starting to just find themselves again. I’ve had a lot of fun,” Marshall said. “It feels like we’re kind of back to that Heartland that I think we all know and love.”

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