‘Heartstopper’: Are the Quiz and Websites Nick Nelson Searches Real?

Netflix’s Heartstopper has become a favorite among audiences due to its relatability in discovering one’s sexuality and coming-of-age love story. Joe Locke explains the series tells an optimistic view of an LGBTQ story. But fans have gravitated toward Nick Nelson’s (Kit Connor) self-discovery of his sexuality and feelings. One scene in Heartstopper that hit home was how he tried to make sense of it all with Google and an online quiz.

Nick Nelson in 'Heartstopper' in relation to quiz wearing a blue shirt.
Nick Nelson in ‘Heartstopper’ | via Netflix

Nick Nelson uses the internet and a quiz to try and understand his sexuality in ‘Heartstopper’

The budding feelings between Charlie Spring (Locke) and Nick begin in the first episode. But Nick is seen as a handsome and manly rugby player, and he starts to wonder if he is gay. At the end of the second episode, Nick does what many people trying to figure out their sexuality do. They go to Google. He searches, “Am I gay?” before getting nervous and giving up.

By Heartstopper Episode 3, Nick realizes his adoration for Charlie is much more than friendship. Feeling unable to trust his friends or his mother just yet, Nick takes matters into his own hands. At the beginning of the episode, Nick sits alone in his room with his laptop.

He had multiple tabs open to LGBTQ websites explaining the emotions he is feeling, homophobia toward the LGBTQ community, and conversion therapy. Nick also takes an online quiz and gets over 60% result of being gay. The results make Nick emotional. Fans of Heartstopper now wonder if the quiz and site Nick uses are real.

The exact quiz from ‘Heartstopper’ is not real

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A deep dive into the sites and quiz Nick uses in Heartstopper prove they are not real. One of the sites is tagged as sexualityIQ.co.uk. But inputting the URL into Google does not result in a real website and instead reroutes audiences to related websites.

Nick also looks up a conversion therapy article by someone named Levi Kurtane. A Google search with the same name and subject title comes up empty. Again, Google reroutes to related topic inquiries. It might be that Heartstopper fabricated the sites and quiz for the series using real information about the LGBTQ community.

But fans might be interested in learning when Nick Google’s “Am I gay?” the same Google suggestions appear in real life. When Googling the question, the second most searched suggestion is “am i gay quiz buzzfeed.” Despite the sites and quiz, Nick reads in Heartstopper not being real, the scene is still a resonating moment for fans.

Fans rave about the relatability in Nick Nelson’s Google search

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According to Cosmopolitan, Nick’s quiz and Google search hit home for many fans who went through the same experience. Heartstopper is not only a positive LGBTQ story for new generations but a nostalgic feeling for fans from previous generations.

A fan on Twitter comments, “the most realistic thing in Heartstopper is the “Am I gay” quiz scene sent me gay back to when I was 11 or 12, in the middle of the night, furiously trying to figure myself out with them.” The Tweet is accompanied by a still cut of Nick in the episode and the graphic novel version in the same scene.

Another fan on Twitter comments, “i hate being this person but the “are you gay” quiz scene on heartstopper actually broke my heart. u had to be there in your teens with no resources to turn to. all i had was tumblr and a DREAM.”

A fan even used Nick’s coming-out scene to tell their parents. For many, Heartstopper has become an accurate representation of a coming-of-age LGBTQ story that focuses on feelings and love to help young audiences feel confident.

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