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On April 22, Netflix released one of its biggest hits regarding a coming-of-age LGBTQ story. Heartstopper became an instant global sensation as a high school student named Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) deals with his sexuality and falls in love with the school rugby player, Nick Nelson (Kit Connor). With Heartstopper Season 2 and a third season confirmed, when can fans expect a release date?

‘Heartstopper’ Season 2 filming begins in September 2022

Fans are still buzzing and falling deeper in love with Heartstopper and its leading cast. Based on an original graphic novel series by Alice Oseman, Nick and Charlie’s love story still has a long way to go. The first season ended on a happy note as Nick confirmed he is bisexual and still trying to figure things out.

One thing is for sure; he has fallen in love with Charlie. Fans will get to see their story develop further as Netflix and Oseman announced on May 20 that Heartstopper Season 2 and a third season have been greenlighted. But there has been no concrete news of what is in store for the season.

According to What’s on Netflix, Heartstopper Season 2 will reportedly begin filming in September this year. The report states filming will take place in London and mentions Twickenham Film Studios. It is still not confirmed if the entire main cast will return or if news of new cast members and characters. Also, if both Heartstopper Season 2 and the third season will be filmed back to back.

‘Heartstopper’ Season 2 will also be 8 episodes

The first season of Heartstopper was an easily digestible eight episodes encompassing the crux of Charlie, Nick, and their friends’ beginning storylines. Netflix condensed Oseman’s first two novels for the first season, but Heartstopper Season 2 will adapt the following installments.

Heartstopper Season 2 will also have eight episodes, and fans have an idea of what will happen based on the novels. One of the biggest storylines is the main characters taking a trip to Paris. But Oseman teases fans can expect the flourish of a teacher romance. Fans know one of the characters is Charlie’s art teacher, Mr. Ajayi (Fisayo Akinade).

The author also expressed her desire to explore the characters’ mental health themes in her novels. Fans saw small inklings of Charlie’s battles in the first season. Heartstopper Season 2 will also explore Tao Xu’s (William Gao) and Elle Argent’s (Yasmin Finney) budding romance.

Netflix has not confirmed the release date for ‘Heartstopper’ Season 2

Fans will have to keep an eye out for news of Heartstopper Season 2. Netflix has not announced an official release date. According to What’s on Netflix, between filming the first season and its premiere on Netflix, 10 months had passed. If this is true, fans can expect Heartstopper Season 2 in 2023.

Fans have high hopes for the new season. Heartstopper enthralled audiences with its heartwarming story of friendship, love, and discovering one’s sexuality. The series also garnered attention for its inclusive cast.

The Netflix series did stray away from the novels and removed and included new characters like Imogen (Rhea Norwood). But the spunky teen had fans in love and hoped to see more of her and hopefully get her own love story.

Heartstopper is available to stream on Netflix.


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