‘Heartstopper’: Why the Actor Who Plays Ben Hope Looks Familiar to Fans

Netflix’s Heartstopper focuses on a group of young teens on the momentous journey to uncover or come to terms with their sexuality. It is their first major on-screen role for many of the main cast actors in the series. The actor who plays Heartstopper’s most hated character, Ben Hope, is Sebastian Croft. For some, the actor looks incredibly familiar. He had a minor role in a few well-known series like Game of Thrones.

Sebastian Croft as Ben Hope in 'Heartstopper' looking at Charlie.
Sebastian Croft as Ben Hope in ‘Heartstopper’ | via Netflix

Ben Hope is ‘Heartstopper’s’ minor antagonist and Charlie’s first boyfriend

Fans can unanimously agree that Ben Hope is the series’ worst character and the manifestation of what young LGBTQ teens face. In the series, Charlie is smitten with his boyfriend. Fans soon learn it is Ben, but there is a major problem. Ben refuses to acknowledge their relationship publically or his possible sexuality.

They often meet in secret, and Ben refuses to say “hello” to Charlie at school. Things take a turn when Charlie sees Ben with another girl and possibly using her to hide his sexuality. When Charlie breaks off their relationship, Ben does not take it well. He even confronts Charlie and tries to kiss him forcefully.

Many fans feel the character is manipulative and a bully. Even the original graphic novel character is problematic. That is not all, as Sebastian Croft has openly expressed his dislike for his own character. On Twitter, he has commented, “I take both my role as B*n H*pe and my role as President of the B*n H*pe Hate Club equally seriously.”

Croft might not have won over fans in his role as Ben in Heartstopper, but he did as an actor. Fans might also come to realize why Croft looks so familiar.

Sebastian Croft played the younger version of a ‘Games of Thrones’ character

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Compared to his co-stars, Heartstopper is not Croft’s first on-screen role. In 2016, the actor played a young Eddard Stark in the award-winning fantasy drama Games of Thrones. He appeared in the role for two episodes. That is not all, as Croft also appeared in four episodes of Penny Dreadful.

He played the role of Boy Familiar in the series. In Penny Dreadful, familiars are servants to vampires. They possess a portion of a vampire’s abilities, become tied to their masters, and become lustful and addicted to blood. Croft then had a guest role in the superhero series Doom Patrol.

Croft played the role of Charles Rowland in the episode “Dead Patrol.” In the series, Charles is a curt ghost who helps create the Dead Boy Detective Agency alongside the character Edward Payne.

The Heartstopper actor also made his career in movies as a young David Logan in The Hippopotamus. In 2019, Croft was nominated for the Young Actor award at the BAFTA’s for his role in Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans. He also had a voice role in the animated movie Where Is Anne Frank.

Will Sebastian Croft return at Ben Hope in a new season of ‘Heartstopper’?

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Fans have yet to hear news of Netflix renewing Heartstopper for a second season. Creator Alice Oseman has high hopes and plans to explore the darker themes present in the rest of the graphic novels. The cast of the series has shown their interest in reprising their roles.

Will Ben Hope continue to be a problem in Heartstopper if it is renewed? According to the Osmena Wiki Fandom page, Ben is only present for a few novels. Ben appears in Oseman’s first novel Solitaire, which chronicles Tori’s story, Charlie’s sister. The character then appears in the first graphic novel Hearstopper, on which the Netflix series is based on.

Beyond that, Ben does not have central importance in the storyline. But the Netflix series tweaked a few story details and characters. It is unclear if Croft will return as Ben or if Ben will be included in the following seasons.

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