Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Dropped $10 Million in Doomsday Preparation

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt became celebrities back in the aughts when they were featured on the MTV teen drama The Hills. While most American teens struggled with issues like acne and low-wage high school jobs in the fast-food industry, the Laguna Beach teens seemed to lead a charmed existence.

(L-R) Spencer Pratt, Gunner Stone, and Heidi Montag smiling in front of a blue background
(L-R) Spencer Pratt, Gunner Stone, and Heidi Montag | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The reality TV show was like the real-life version of The OC with teens that seemed more suited for careers in Hollywood than attending their exclusive suburban high schools. While the show launched all the teen cast members to fame, Heidi and Spencer, in particular, seemed to attract notoriety and earned the unfortunate nickname of Spidei.

Early Troubles with Fame

It could have been that of all the cast members on The Hills, they were the most platinum, the biggest personalities, and a little too perfect for the likings of the audience. Instead of a reality check, the couple became sucked into a nasty vortex where their exploits for more plastic surgery, more vehicles, more fame, and more relationship problems decorated the tabloids.

Their continual angst and struggles have followed them since, but the couple remained together. 

A New Beginning or More Problems 

Interestingly enough, this couple lasted, began raising a family, and are featured on The Hills revival show, The Hills: New Beginnings, in their fantastic home. The mansion is featured on the MTV promotional site for the new show and is worth checking out. 

The new home has a New Age feel and the couple brings it to life with their interests in hummingbirds, crystals, and their eldest son’s toys. The two seem to have fallen into lore about crystals while monetizing it into a business, but also have made space for their child, Gunner.

Naturally, Gunner has designer duds in the style of mom and dad, with dad currently only wearing designer tie-dye. In their mansion, there’s also a cheeky little segment where Heidi’s home office is decorated with dramatic US Weekly covers. The wine is flowing while Spencer remarks dryly, “We love fame, if you can’t tell.”

All in all, the couple has had a wild ride and their new home is crowded with crystals while the world wonders what will happen to them. During their last brush with fame and a steady income, the couple made and spent millions of dollars and nearly becoming bankrupt. 

Recently, the couple has been under scrutiny in conjunction with their new life and whether they have achieved financial stability. Their past endeavors and spending sprees are still catching up with them in the press and haunting them. Like the crystals they keep in their home, the couple has always had a superstitious nature and has been known to be spendthrift in past ventures.

Still Paying for Past Mistakes

One of their worst business decisions was likely when they invested too heavily in doomsday preparations on the basis of the false belief that an asteroid would hit the earth. According to HuffPost, Spencer Pratt told OK magazine, “‘We have got to spend this money before the asteroid hits.'”

Apparently, the couple went overboard with the rumors that the world was due to end according to ancient predictions by the Mayans. While this myth was perpetuated in the news media during the time, it’s unclear how much the two really spent in fear of the end of the world, or how they will steel themselves against being duped in the future by spooky prophecies.

It is clear that their interest in the supernatural hasn’t disappeared since Spencer amassed a collection of crystals that are supposed to carry meaning and value. Currently, he is selling these online and the couple was last awaiting filming. If there’s one couple that could use a new beginning, it’s Heidi and Spencer.