Henry Cavill Once Joked That He ‘Physically Fought’ Tom Cruise to Get His Role in ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’

Henry Cavill went from being a Superman to a CIA agent when he partnered with Tom Cruise for Mission Impossible: Fallout. But to find himself in the movie, Cavill quipped he had to physically fight Cruise to earn the part.

What Henry Cavill learned about Tom Cruise when they first met

Henry Cavill talking to Tom Cruise while wearing a suit.
Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill | John Phillips/Getty Images

Mission Impossible: Fallout wasn’t the first time Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise first met. The two megastars ran into each other years prior for The Man From U.N.C.L.E.. As most know, the film featured Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer. But originally, the film was Cruise’s vehicle to star in. Meanwhile, Cavill was auditioning for the co-lead role.

“So, I went to his house, and I thought, ‘Great, I’m gonna be in Tom Cruise’s House,’” Cavill told Collider Extra. “And I sat down on his sofa, we had a lovely chat. He was pleasant, as everyone says he is. We had a conversation, did a bit of a reading, that was it. Job done. I left. Turns out Tom Cruise is no longer making Man From U.N.C.LE.. He moves on to Mission Impossible.”

Cavill would later claim the role that Cruise was originally going to star in. Meanwhile, Armie Hammer was cast as Cavill’s co-lead. However, Cavill would later cross paths with Cruise in a chance encounter when they were both staying in the same hotel. Cavill didn’t think Cruise would recognize him, but not only did Cruise recognize the actor, he remembered their initial conversation at Cruise’s house.

“And then [Tom Cruise] started reeling off and firing points about our discussion that we had at his house a year plus ago which I didn’t even remember. And I was thinking, ‘How the hell?’” Cavill recalled.

This taught Cavill something important about Cruise.

“Immediately, you realize that he listens. Genuinely listens. Genuinely cares. And it’s not just a party trick. That’s the first time I thought, ‘Hm, that’s an impressive man,’” Cavill said.

Henry Cavill once joked that he ‘physically fought’ Tom Cruise to get ‘Mission Impossible’ role

Henry Cavill revealed in an interview with 7 News Miami that he grew up on Mission Impossible. So the franchise held a lot of significance to him when he was cast.

“Something as iconic as Mission: Impossible, it’s tough for it to not be part of your life. I believe I was 14 years old when the first one came out, so when it came to the opportunity, which I was given to be a part of this, it was something that I leaped at,” he revealed.

But Cavill once asserted it wasn’t easy getting the role. The Man of Steel actor quipped that the process of casting him was a bit rough.

“We fought,” Cavill said. “We physically fought. It’s part of the thing; you have to wrestle to the death, and they stopped us just before we killed each other, and they say, ‘OK, cool, yeah, you have the part.’”

Henry Cavill shared why he was jealous of Tom Cruise

Henry Cavill shared that he wished he could have been a part of the next Mission Impossible. Speaking to Empire, the actor was asked how he felt about seeing footage of Cruise doing stunts in the seventh film.

“I was extremely jealous,” Cavill said. “I want to be there, I want to be parachuting off a motorbike into a canyon. Why can’t I be there?”

One of the reasons he would’ve liked to be in the next film was because he had a memorable time filming Mission Impossible.

“Everyone on that production crew, and that creative team, are extraordinary. It was such a wonderful experience,” Cavill said. “As I always say, the Mission Impossible movie for me was the most enjoyable hard job I’ve ever done. Because it was extremely hard work, but I loved every second of it.”

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