‘Her Loss’: Drake and 21 Savage Helped Each Other Write Their Verses

In November 2022, Drake and 21 Savage teamed up for the collaborative album Her Loss, the first joint project from the two rappers. The album had hit songs that dominated the charts upon its release, and when the two emcees reflect on the process writing the album, they admitted that they both helped each other bring their lyrics to life.

Drake and 21 Savage performing together
Drake and 21 Savage | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Drake and 21 Savage released ‘Her Loss’ in November 2022

Drake released his seventh solo album Honestly, Nevermind in June 2022. “Jimmy Cooks,” his collaboration with 21 Savage on the album, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The two had clear chemistry, resulting in them working on a whole album together.

When the “Jimmy Cooks” music video dropped in October 2022, it announced that a collaborative album between the two rappers titled Her Loss was coming soon. The album was released in November 2022 and became an immediate chart success.

At the same time, Her Loss also sparked backlash for lyrics seemingly directed at Megan Thee Stallion and Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian.

Drake and 21 Savage helped each other write raps

In a November 2022 episode of SiriusXM’s OVO Sound 42 radio, the two rappers discussed the project and how they worked together to write some of their lines.

“That’s why I say you just different,” 21 told Drake. “Even with the way you create and the way you do s***. Because you know I’ma go in the booth and I’ma rap. I know how to do that. But structuring and knowing, like, ‘Alright, nah, we don’t need no hook on this one but 21 need to do it like this.’ I ain’t gone cap, n****. Drake wrote some of my verses on this album. These facts. You know what I’m sayin’. I don’t give a f*** what a n**** say. Drake helped me with some of my verses on this album.”

Drake, for his part, admitted that 21 did the same for him. “By the way, you also helped me with s*** too,” he said. “So, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Straight up.”


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Drake faced ghostwriting allegations in the past

Over the years, Drake himself has dealt with accusations that he used ghostwriters following a feud with Meek Mill. He addressed what people have said in the past in his conversation with 21.

“What I’ll say is like, one of the most intense conversations I ever had was just like, and of course, I’ve dealt with this s*** my whole career, n****s being like, ‘Oh, people made you. They wrote your songs for you,’ and all that bulls***,” Drake said. “And obviously, I think I let it affect me more than it should’ve because I know the work that I put in. Ultimately, one of the most intense conversations I ever had was with somebody where I’m like, ‘Yo, why is it always us doing for you?’ And then, when I say ‘us’ I mean all of us, like this whole generation. The hood, the street n****s that you claim you love, or this or that. I don’t like that one-sided s***, you know? I just feels, like, weird. I just feel like all we do is give with energy, performances, songs, writing, whatever and then what? What’s left for us?”

“It’s like what you said about me,” Drake continued. “I can’t be that character. Not only am I coming to do an album with you, I’m coming to Freaknik. I’m coming to be with your family and s***. Because I just have a place for you in my heart where it’s just, this s*** matters to me. You know, it’s not just about me. Like, I’m more excited for this album about what it’s going to do for us not what it’s going to do for me. That’s the biggest thing.”