Here Are 5 ‘Dash and Lily’ New York City Destinations To Get You in the Holiday Spirit

A girl who loves Christmas and a boy who can’t stand the forced cheer. Although they might not be super compatible at first, their love for one New York City bookstore, and adventure, unites them.

Here’s what we know about Netflix’s original Holiday series, Dash & Lily, and its real New York locations. 

People wearing masks walk past the Strand bookstore
People wearing masks walk past the Strand bookstore | Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Where Lily left her notebook — The Strand Bookstore

It may not be New York’s oldest bookstore, but it has been around for generations, serving as a bookstore for lower Manhattan and the perfect place to leave a mysterious notebook. The Strand Bookstore is where Dash and Lily began and ended their love story. 

The Strand is still open, although its decades of history are at risk due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with revenues plummeting 70 percent according to

In one post, the store owner wrote, “never did I imagine that the store’s financial situation would become so dire that I would have to write friends and devoted customers for help.”

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Where Lily caroled with her friends — Washington Square Park 

It may not be as festive as Rockefeller center, but Washington Square Park (and the Washington Square Arch) is where Lily headed with her friends to spread some holiday cheer. It’s only then her friend points out that she’s literally living in a bubble, with all of her favorite spots in a literal circle in lower Manhattan.

A view of the Morgan Library
A view of the Morgan Library | Clint Spaulding/Getty Images for Bloomberg

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Where Sofia and Dash slept over — The Morgan Library & Museum

This location is super exclusive, and even Dash mentioned that when he and Sofia had their after-hours tour. The Morgan Library & Museum is considered a New York landmark, although not exactly marked with holiday cheer. Tickets are available for purchase, although limited. Walk-up sales are not currently available.

Union Square's open-air holiday market in the rain on Christmas Eve
Union Square’s open-air holiday market in the rain on Christmas Eve | Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Where Dash and Lily first bumped into each other, literally — Union Square Holiday Market 

There are a few different holiday markets scattered throughout Manhattan. One of those in the lower part of the city is the Union Square Holiday Market, known for its small shops and Christmas sweets. This is there Lily first bumps into Dash, amidst running to help her caroler friends. 

People walk through Grand Central Terminal
People walk through Grand Central Terminal | Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

One of Dash’s favorite places to find peace — Grand Central Terminal 

During the day, it’s super crowded and chaotic. At certain hours, though, visitors can find peace at Grand Central Terminal, one of the transportation hubs of New York City. This is where Dash sent Lily when she asked for a place that’s special to him. 

After plenty of dares and adventures with their shared red notebook, Dash and Lily eventually met. It might not have been as perfect as they imagined, but holiday magic still exists, especially in New York City.