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Is the Netflix film He’s All That really all that? TikTok star Addison Rae Easterling stars in her first major role in the gender swap version of She’s All That. Countless viewers have shared their opinions of the teen rom-com. Some enjoyed the flick’s modernization of the 1990s classic romance, and some didn’t.

Various critiques are crawling through the internet about the modern plot and actors. But others are hung up on one sight: a possible green screen error.

Addison Rae smiling at screening of He's All That
Addison Rae | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Netflix

Netflix’s ‘He’s All That’ has mixed reviews

The He’s All That plot knits the modern familiarity of social media with the old-school stereotypical makeover. Despite this alteration, the storyline closely follows She’s All That—a teenager who tries to redeem her social status by physically reinventing a male student. Like the men make a bet in She’s All That, the women do the same in the 2021 remake.

Despite the gender switch, there is another difference between the original and the remake—Padgett, an Instagram influencer, faces a sponsorship loss when she catches her boyfriend cheating; Zack only loses his girlfriend, not a business venture, in the 1999 comedy.

While some commended Addison Rae in her feature film debut, others criticized her.

Nevertheless, critics mainly focused on the movie rather than the actors.

The Netflix movie has a lower audience score than the “Tomatometer” critics’ census, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Overall, audiences believe the flick is “shallow” and “superficial” for a modern-day storyline.

What green screen error is everyone talking about?

Despite the complaints about the movie’s quality, Netflix subscribers think they caught one glaring error in He’s All That. Easterling’s character cheerfully sings Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” on stage, and her hand seems to disappear in a fast movement.

In an ironic nod to Easterling’s TikTok status, a social media user posted a clip of the presumed mistake on TikTok, saying this was a green screen error.

However, does Easterling’s hand actually vanish? When looking at the video, she waves her hand in a fast motion. The sudden disappearance could be related to lighting and the actor’s instantaneous movement. So this widespread assumption may be incorrect. The production may not have missed a little green screen flub after all.

Also, the film most likely did not use a green screen for this particular moment. According to the movie’s Instagram, the cast sat down in an area that looks similar to the “Teenage Dream” scene.

Therefore, viewers could have wrongly assumed that the film used a visual effects backdrop.

‘He’s All That’ came under fire for another reason

Before Netflix released He’s All That, many audiences already criticized its lead. The TikTok star apparently spoke to former U.S. President Donald Trump at a UFC fight.

Viewers watched a NELK video of Addison Rae politely greeting Trump at UFC 264.


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However, the actor defended herself to The Los Angeles Times. “I mean, I don’t support Trump,” Easterling explained. “And if someone does, that’s their opinion, and I respect everyone’s opinion, for each their own. But it’s very rare on occasion that you ever get to meet a former president, and I think most people could agree with me on that.”