This 1 Hilarious Photo of Princess Charlotte Giving Side Eye Proves We Relate to Her More Than We Thought

Princess Charlotte can do no wrong in most people’s eyes. She’s a spunky little girl who just turned four, and royal fans can’t get enough of her adorable attitude. Any time the palace releases photos of her, she’s always giving a big smile, but we’ve heard from the queen that she has a very dominant personality. The paparazzi once captured a photo of the princess giving side eye to her big brother, and it was one of those facial expressions to which everyone can relate.

Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte at Princess Eugenie’s wedding | Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Charlotte supposedly has a big personality

It’s been pretty clear from the time she was born that this princess was going to leave her mark. People couldn’t forget Charlotte’s first day of school photos from last year, where she smiles at the camera as if she was born to be in the public eye. And the queen has said that when it comes to Charlotte and her brother, Prince George, Charlotte likes to be the one in charge and is always watching out for her brother. She may have only been here for four years, but she’s quickly evolving into a powerful young lady, despite not even having started kindergarten yet.

She seems to have adapted well to the spotlight

Charlotte has taken the royal family by storm. Though she reportedly doesn’t even know she’s a princess yet, she has clearly adapted well to having billions of fans. When Louis was born last April, Prince William brought his two older children to meet their brother for the first time. He asked the kids to wave to the crowd, and while George appeared a bit timid, Charlotte gave a big wave to her fans, who fell in love with the gesture. She then turned and waved once more before walking into the Lindo Wing, proving she was meant for her role.

Princess Charlotte waving
Princess Charlotte waves to the crowd as she prepares to meet her little brother, Prince Louis | Daniel Leal-Olivas/Getty Images

Like any little sister, Charlotte’s big brother can annoy her sometimes

Although Charlotte and George will probably grow up to be best friends, there will always be times when they get on each other’s nerves. And at Princess Eugenie’s wedding last year, Charlotte let everyone know George had done something to bother her. The princess was standing on the steps with her brother to the side of her, and she’s clearly giving him some pretty evil side eye. It’s a look we’re all familiar with, as everyone has had that moment when they look over at someone out of pure annoyance. It’s a timeless photo that the two will laugh at when they’re older, as Charlotte probably had no idea the cameras would capture such a funny moment. She was simply being, well, a princess.

Princess Charlotte gives side eye to Prince George
Princess Charlotte gives Prince George a look at Princess Eugenie’s wedding | Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

She’s quickly becoming known as the sassy royal — but in a good way  

Charlotte will most likely grow up to be a polished, respectable young woman, if she’s anything like her parents. But for now, she’s showing all the sass, and everyone is loving it. For whatever reason, she seems to embody an attitude that she is who she is, and fans can’t get enough of her. She’s quickly becoming the diva of the royal family, but in the best way. She’ll likely be a very protective family member and watch out for her two brothers and her newest cousin, whenever he or she arrives.

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