How Did ‘Burn Notice’ Star Jeffrey Donovan Meet His Wife Michelle Woods?

Actor Jeffrey Donovan is known for multiple shows, including Burn Notice. The star has been acting since the ’90s, and Burn Notice was his first major role. At the time, filming the series felt like a prison to him. Still, Donovan is grateful for the connections he made. 

Today, Donovan is married to Michelle Woods, and the couple has had three children together. The two of them met in a similar fashion to how several other celebrity couples did. 

Michelle Woods and Jeffrey Donovan smiling in front of a black background
(L-R) Michelle Woods and Jeffrey Donovan | David Livingston/Getty Images

Jeffrey Donovan and Michelle Woods met on ‘Burn Notice’

It is not uncommon for actors to meet on set and fall in love. Some would start a relationship soon after meeting each other, and others would take years to get together. In 2017, Donovan spoke with BUILD Series and mentioned how he met his wife while filming Burn Notice

“I have lifelong friends in Sharon Glass and Bruce Campbell,” Donovan stated in the interview. “If I didn’t take that job, and I wasn’t there, I would never have met my future wife and had my three beautiful children.” 

Donovan likely met plenty of actors while working on Burn Notice for six years. One of them managed to catch his eye. Woods had a short time on set, but it was enough for the two of them to begin a romance. The couple would date for a while before getting engaged. 

Jeffrey Donovan and Michelle Woods’ marriage and family

Donovan has been married to Woods for nine years, and they are still going on strong. News of their engagement broke out in June 2012. According to The Things, the celebrity couple had tied the knot later the same year. It would not be long until they started a family together. According to E!, Donovan and Woods had a baby daughter named Claire a few months after their wedding.

The couple described her as “a healthy and happy baby girl.” In 2014, they had a son named Lucas, and the two had another daughter in 2017. Donovan expressed that he enjoys fatherhood, and it is a challenge for him to be away from the kids to work. The actor also has praised his wife for being a great mom.

She helps calm the children down whenever the family travels together. Despite being married for almost a decade, Donovan and Woods have kept the romance alive. They have appeared at multiple acting-related events. At the red carpet event for the premiere of Shot Caller, the couple looked happy together.

Who are Jeffrey Donovan and Michelle Woods?

Burn Notice is a 2007 series about a covert operations agent named Michael Westen. Michael gets “burned” in the middle of a mission in Nigeria. Donovan starred as the lead character for all seven seasons. The 53-year-old actor was born in Massachusetts and studied theater at Bridgewater State University. 

In the show, Donovan’s character gets locked out of all his assets and uses his wits to find out who burned him. Michael is highly skilled and can use ordinary items around him to get the job done. Since the character is a trained fighter, Donovan had to film plenty of fight scenes. 

Many people probably have never heard of Woods before the news of her engagement to Donovan. Woods is a model who was 21 years old when she married her husband. She appeared on Burn Notice for a brief time.

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