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Over the years, there have been many speculations about Donald Trump and Melania Trump’s marriage. When Trump first became the President of the United States, he moved into the White House alone, while Melania and his son, Barron, still lived in their luxury penthouse in New York. This made many people question whether or not the couple was truly as happy together as they had claimed.

While their happiness is still a mystery to some, others are more curious about how the couple had ever met in the first place. So, just how did the current U.S. president and first lady meet? Here is what we know.

How did Donald Trump and Melania Trump meet?

Donald Trump (L) and Melania Trump (R)
Donald Trump (L) and Melania Trump (R) | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In 1998, Trump attended a party for Fashion Week with his date named Celina Midelfart. During the party, he was introduced to the beautiful supermodel: Melania Knauss. Trump was quick to ditch his current date to go and chat with the young and vibrant supermodel. He had asked Knauss for her number, but she was hesitant to give it to him. Instead, she took his number and after making him sweat it out for a few weeks, she finally gave him a call and they were soon heading out on their first date, which led to a romantic relationship.

The New York Times previously reported that Jeffery Epstein was the one who had introduced Donald to Melania at the party. However, Page Six reports that a man named Francesco Belcaro was actually the one who had brought the couple together. Belcaro was recently spotted at another party where he was heard telling the guest that he was actually the one that introduced Trump to his current wife and that the other media outlets that were reporting otherwise are simply “fake news.”

It is worth noting that Trump has never shared with the public who had first introduced him to his wife, so we are not sure if Belcaro’s story is true.

When did Donald Trump and Melania Trump get married?

After dating on and off for a few years, Trump finally proposed in 2001. He gave his bride-to-be a 10-carat diamond engagement ring. Right after he announced his engagement, Trump had given an interview where he stated that he got the ring, which retailed for $1.5 million dollars, for only half of the price because he said that the jeweler was just wanting recognition and not money. However, according to Forbes, the jeweler that had sold Trump the ring had later said that the president was never given a discount and said that he doesn’t “sell items for publicity value.”

No matter how much Trump spent on the ring, his fiancee had obviously loved it and was seen flashing it around town several times. The pair married in 2005 in Palm Beach where they had a star-studded guest list that included Billy Joel, who performed a song for the couple, Barbara Walters, Matt Lauer, and in an ironic twist of fate, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

How many children do Donald Trump and Melania Trump have together?

Trump has five children. He has four children from previous marriages, and he and Melania Trump have one son together: 13-year-old Barron. 

Since Donald and Melania Trump have gotten married, they have had their fair share of ups and downs. When Trump was running for President of the United States, he was accused of mistreating women. After he became president, many people thought that Barron was also being bullied by the media. Throughout all of the trials and tribulations that have plagued them through their marriage, Melania Trump has continued to stand by her husband.