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Giada De Laurentiis and her boyfriend, Shane Farley, have been a couple since 2015 and are still as smitten as ever. Wedding bells have been rumored but, as of yet, the two have no plans to walk down the aisle.

Giada De Laurentiis and Shane Farley
Giada De Laurentiis and Shane Farley | Aaron Davidson/Getty Images For SOBEWFF

When they met, it marked the end of a difficult divorce for De Laurentiis and the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

How they met

It’s clear that the couple enjoys each other’s company and complement one another.

The two move in the same foodie circles and so, it was inevitable that they would one day meet, considering that Farley has worked as a producer for fellow celebrity chef, Rachael Ray, on her daytime show. He currently is an executive producer for Steve Harvey’s talk show, Steve.

In 2013, Farley was producing a show featuring De Laurentiis and chef Bobby Flay, a close friend of hers. Although the show never got off the ground, the couple became friends and then began dating after De Laurentiis and her husband ended their marriage in 2014.

She told People in 2018, “After I got divorced, I spent about a year and a half alone, not dating, just figuring things out. I had been with Jade’s dad for 25 years. I didn’t know what it meant to not be married. Once I got settled, [Shane and I] reconnected and I felt like a kid again.”

Farley is just as lovestruck, telling People as well, “Giada is one of the most positive people I have ever met. She’s warm and absolutely beautiful—what you see on the outside is there on the inside as well.”

De Laurentiis and Farley spend holidays together

The two, over the past five years, as any couple would, vacation together, spend as much time together, and of course, celebrate holidays together.

This past Valentine’s Day, the 47-year-old television producer gave De Laurentiis a break and took over the kitchen, making her a feast for the romantic holiday.

“I love cheesy holidays like this and I love the idea of getting into the spirit of it,” De Laurentiis, she told People in February. “The cheesier the better. It’s lighthearted and fun, and it can be very whimsical as well, so I have fun with it.”

Although we don’t know what exactly Farley made his 49-year-old girlfriend for the holiday, she did say that a lot of suggestions were delicately made for him to pick up on.

“I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve dropped a lot of hints,” said De Laurentiis. “I don’t care about the quality of the actual dinner. He doesn’t cook for me often, but I think that is the most romantic thing that he’s ever done.”

Farley gets along great with De Laurentiis’ daughter, Jade

De Laurentiis makes it clear in words and actions that her No. 1 priority, and best friend, is her daughter, Jade. The chef makes sure her child knows that in all relationships and situations, Jade is her main concern.

Farley clearly respects and admires this aspect of his girlfriend and loves spending time with Jade as well.

“Jade has got two amazing parents, so I can be a part of her life without any pressure,” Farley said in his conversation with People. “I really enjoy hanging out with her.”

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