How Did Taylor Swift Celebrate 2 Years of ‘Lover’?

Taylor Swift is a singer/songwriter who has gained acclaim for her habit of writing songs that spotlight her own romantic trials and tribulations. From her early days as a country songstress to her current status as a pop culture icon with a plethora of famous friends, Swift has managed to remain true to herself and to her own thoughts and feelings.

Swift has released nine albums over the years, with her 2019 album Lover being a standout in her career. Lover is an album that means a lot to the artist, and on the second anniversary of the album’s release, Swift did something rather unexpected that got everyone talking. 

Taylor Swift’s album ‘Lover’ was a huge critical hit for the singer

Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version) singer Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

By the time 2019 rolled around, Swift was already a huge star, with six hit albums to her credit and a multitude of awards. Swift was also well known for her buzzworthy personal life, including her series of feuds with fellow artists like Kanye West — but for her fans, her music is always first and foremost, as it stands as proof of the young woman’s innate artistry.

Lover was released in April 2019, Swift’s seventh studio album. The album spawned singles such as “You Need to Calm Down” and “Lover,” earning Swift three Grammy Award nominations. The artist also won six awards at the 2019 American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year and Artist of the Decade. For many fans, Lover marked a change in creative direction for Swift, as it included a lot of upbeat, happy tunes that seemed to come from a distinctly positive place. 

Taylor Swift joined TikTok on the second anniversary of the release of ‘Lover’

These days, many fans still believe that Lover is Swift’s best album — and it might be that Swift actually agrees with the fans. In August 2021, Swift celebrated the second anniversary of Lover by joining TikTok. While Swift’s first message on the video-sharing platform was an announcement to let fans know that Red is now available for presale on her website, the artist still went all out by dressing up in multiple outfits to highlight some of the different music that she’s released over the years, according to The Cut

The publication also reports that Swift almost immediately started commenting on fans’ TikTok videos, much to the delight of her army of supporters. With a bio that states “This is pretty much just a cat account,” it seems like fans can expect plenty of hilarity and clever in-jokes from Swift. 

Taylor Swift admitted that ‘Lover’ was written from a ‘romantic’ place

Swift did a lot of interviews around the time that Lover was released, and didn’t hesitate to address why the album felt so different to fans, and why they might have felt some unique energy. “It’s an album about all different forms of love. Even when love hurts, this album is about the full spectrum that love makes us feel, so I was like, this album is definitely going to be called Lover,” she told Ryan Seacrest

Swift also said that she wrote the album from a very “open, free, romantic, whimsical place,” and that Lover “felt aesthetically very daytime.” That feeling of openness and positivity could be why the album remains so beloved with fans, two years later. Lover is an album that has something for everyone, and there’s no doubt that Swift still has a soft spot for it. 

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