‘How I Met Your Mother’ Plot Hole Doesn’t Explain How Barney Stinson Acquired This Skill

How I Met Your Mother was a huge hit during its original run on TV. People still talk about the sitcom years after it stopped airing. Fans can spot several easter eggs in the recent spinoff series.

Besides easter eggs, people have noticed multiple plot holes in the original show. One inconsistency has to do with Barney. He mysteriously acquired a skill that he explicitly lacked before.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ followed friends like Barney

In How I Met Your Mother, five friends live in New York and experience ups and downs in their lives. The show is a flashback since Ted recounts the events that led up to meeting the mother of his kids. Occasionally, the story cuts back to the present day, where his children react to what he says.

Viewers became invested in the storylines of the supporting characters. They still remember the sweetest moments between Lily and Marshall, such as them redoing their vows. Robin had a will-they-won’t-they relationship with two of the men.

One of them was Barney, who would get married to Robin before splitting up. Many fans loved Barney’s comedic dialogue and how the series fleshed him out. A primary characteristic of his is that he is a womanizer who prefers a single life.

Barney makes a lot more money than viewers realize. However, the sitcom does not explain what he does for a living until the very end. As it turns out, his dismissive “please” is the name of his job title.

Barney could barely drive but became an expert

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson petting a dog and winking at the camera in 'How I Met Your Mother'
Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ | Richard Cartwright/CBS via Getty Images

Barney has several skills in the show, such as being photogenic and doing magic tricks. Another one is him knowing how to drive, which does not seem unique at first. According to Insider, his driving skills appear to be an unexplained plot hole.

In the second season, Barney needs a ride to a massage appointment in one episode. He explains that he cannot go himself since he does not know how to drive. Ted tries to teach him, but the lessons are unsuccessful when Barney goes too slow out of fear.

Nevertheless, viewers witness Barney using a car perfectly fine an episode later. The character has even talked about driving other people in later seasons. Fans do not know when Barney managed to conquer his fear of driving and became skilled at it.

The writers could have forgotten about the plot of the episode when producing future storylines. Some people may have assumed that Barney took it upon himself to continue his lessons.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ has plenty of plot holes

How I Met Your Mother had plenty of other plot holes throughout its nine-season run. After celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Ted returns to a bar and comes across an abandoned umbrella. Tracy, the mother, finally meets Ted at a train station while using the yellow prop.

The two discuss the umbrella and realize they attended the same party. In the initial episode, the celebration occurred on March 17, but Tracey stated the event was in April. A few fans noticed the inconsistency.

In season 2, Lily has to move into a new place after breaking up with Marshall. She cannot live with Robin since she is allergic to dogs. Yet, fans saw her sitting next to Robin and a dog before, and she pets one in another episode.

Another plot hole occurs when the show establishes that Robin is into guns. She has one in her purse and wears a gun pendant. However, she appears frightened by a pistol in season 1. The writers might not have thought about her specific characteristics yet.

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