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How Kate Middleton Subtly Paid Tribute to Queen Elizabeth Daily on Her Caribbean Tour

Kate Middleton recently completed a royal tour of the Caribbean with Prince William and she paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II daily with her colorful wardrobe.Kate Middleton recently completed a royal tour of the Caribbean with Prince William


  • Kate Middleton recently completed a royal tour of the Caribbean with Prince William.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge wowed fans — and created a little controversy — with her wardrobe choices.
  • But with her bold fashion choices, she also paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth.
Kate Middleton wearing bright turquoise blue dress and Prince William in a blue suit and tie arrive for their royal tour of the Caribbean.
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Kate Middleton has been on a royal tour of the Caribbean with Prince William this past week. And, of course, fans can’t stop talking about the 40-year-old’s style. The Duchess of Cambridge has wowed fans — and even caused a bit of controversy — with her fashion choices during her visit to Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Belize. She also subtly paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth on a daily basis.

Kate Middleton paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth with her vibrant wardrobe

During her recent royal tour, Middleton opted for a colorful wardrobe each day with vibrant shades of orange, pink, yellow, and blue. According to stylist Hanna Eichler, Middleton’s fashion choices during the trip have been a subtle, intentional nod to Her Majesty.

As royal fans know, Queen Elizabeth has a history of wearing colorful outfits and bright hues during public appearances because they allow her to stand out in a crowd.

“Whether it’s orange for optimism, blue for confidence, red for love, or yellow for warmth, Kate has followed the Queen’s cue by using color to invoke powerful feelings of energy amongst herself and her subjects – a key tool when visiting new countries and engaging with those around her,” Eichler told The Daily Mail.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe has ‘one crucial difference’ from Her Majesty

William and Kate’s Caribbean tour is part of Queen Elizabeth’s year-long Platinum Jubilee celebration. Which marks her 70th year on the throne. Eichler noted that the duchess has been dressing to impress lately “in shades of blue, red, khaki, and now yellow.”

“Bright colors have long been favored by the royal family but no one has championed the look more so than the queen herself,” Eichler said. “From yellow, blue, pink, and orange every shade of the rainbow has made its way into the wardrobe of the matriarchy. As a lover of color herself, the duchess has paid homage to the queen during her tour this week.”

The stylist noted that there is “one crucial difference” between how Middleton approaches her colorful wardrobe compared to Queen Elizabeth — she doesn’t include a matching hat.

“Negating a hat gives the Duchess a modern, more relaxed feel which is suitable for a younger member of the royal family while respecting the Queen’s signature aesthetic,” Eichler explained.

Kate Middleton is on-trend, but one fashion choice is causing controversy

Celebrity fashion expert Miranda Holder agreed with Eichler, saying that Middleton has swept the world “off its feet with her immaculate style” during her royal tour.

“She positively glows in her bold and beautiful color choices which look even more striking in the Caribbean sunshine,” Holder said. “She hits the sartorial sweet spot, achieving the perfect balance between on-trend brights and color blocking, and the timeless elegance for which she is known and loved.”

However, when Middleton departed the Bahamas in a sunshine yellow eighties-inspired dress from Alessandra Rich, she ended up causing some controversy among royal fans. The Duchess of Cambridge’s final appearance on the tour saw her in sophisticated button-down design, with exaggerated puffed sleeves and a peplum frill.


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The outfit was definitely something that Princess Diana would have worn in the 1980s. But some royal fans didn’t think it was the right look for 2022.

“I almost never say this about Kate’s outfits, but I don’t like it. It’s too much,” one fan commented on social media. Another added, “I’m picturing Diana in the 80s!”

“There is way too much going on, the ruffles, the bow, the belt, the pattern. I don’t see her in that dress. Not her style at all,” a third fan shared.