How Long Have Victoria and David Beckham Been Together?

They have defied the laws of Hollywood and been a beloved couple for two decades, and David and Victoria Beckham are still going strong. The photogenic pair are both superstars in their respective fields and have managed to maintain an enviably close relationship while building their family and establishing their individual brands.

When did David and Victoria Beckham start dating?

David Beckham was one of the world’s most popular soccer stars in 1997 when he and “Spice Girl” member Victoria Beckham first met. They got to know each other for about a year before announcing their engagement in 1998. They didn’t wait long to start their family – only a few months before their wedding, they welcomed their first child, Brooklyn Beckham. They would go on to have three more children, Romeo Beckham, born in 2002, Cruz Beckham, born in 2005, and only daughter Harper Beckham, born in 2011.

They become a beloved celebrity couple

In the late 90s and early 2000s, David and Victoria Beckham quickly became one of the hottest celebrity couples in the world. The media nicknamed them “Posh and Becks,” and the paparazzi anxiously followed their every move. In 2003, David Beckham’s career took them from their home in England to a new location in Spain. The family would move a lot over the next decade, including their most famous move, to Los Angeles in 2007. 

The United States eagerly embraced Posh and Becks, and Victoria Beckham’s signature style was emulated all throughout the States. Beckham has been a fashion icon ever since her early days in “The Spice Girls,” known for her love for exotic sunglasses, figure-flattering dresses, and sky-high heels, as well as her habit of refusing to smile for media photographs. She launched her very own label in 2008, and the brand has grown to tremendous success over the years. These days, Victoria Beckham focuses almost exclusively on her fashion line and has long since left her role as “Posh Spice” behind.

Where do the Beckhams live now?

Although the Beckham family seemed to enjoy their sojourn in the United States, they moved a bit closer to home in 2014, relocating back to England. While David Beckham generally keeps a lower profile these days, following his official retirement from soccer in 2013, Victoria Beckham is still going strong with her fashion lines, which are beloved by fellow celebrities and fans alike. Her husband and daughter Harper regularly show up at her annual fashion show, cheering her on from the front row.

The famous couple works hard to keep their partnership strong, but both have admitted in the past that marriage has its challenges. David Beckham revealed in a recent interview that the secret to their long marriage is being committed to working through the tough times as well as enjoying all of the good ones. He also said that he and Victoria Beckham renewed their vows in a private ceremony, with only about six people in attendance.

On Victoria Beckham’s part, she has been open about the fact that it was love at first sight when she met David Beckham in 1997, in the Manchester Player’s Lounge for the team with which he was playing. She even claims that he still has the plane ticket stub where she wrote her phone number for him. Though they have been together for over twenty years, David and Victoria Beckham have not fallen prey to the difficult culture of celebrity couples, and remain as devoted to each other as the day they first said their vows. Four children and two decades later, this power couple proves that love is all you need.