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Bob Dylan is, to many, one of the greatest songwriters of all time. An American singer, songwriter, and visual artist, Dylan first rose to fame in the sixties and remains a vital presence in the music industry even to this day.

Dylan’s songs, standards such as “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “The Times They Are a-Changin'” are still as fresh and powerful as the day that they were released, proving that a great song never goes out of style. Bob Dylan is also a very prolific songwriter, and over the years, has released literally dozens of studio albums, as well as a host of other works. 

Bob Dylan achieved fame when he was a young man

Bob Dylan in front of a wall

Born in Minnesota in 1941, Dylan first started playing music when he was only fourteen years old, after being gifted a guitar. Torn whether he should pursue a more traditional career or follow his passion, Dylan began performing poetry and folk music in local coffeehouses, doing what he could to get noticed.

In 1960, according to Biography, Dylan made a big move to the East Coast, where he continued performing music and eventually gained a small following of devoted fans.

In 1962, one year after his arrival in New York, Dylan released his first album. His unusual singing voice signaled a whole new era in music, and while not every critic loved his sound, many listeners (especially young people) appreciated his message.

Over the decades, Dylan continued to speak out for causes that mattered to him, weaving his lyrics around contemporary issues such as war, drug use, and the counterculture movement. 

How many albums has Bob Dylan released?

Dylan has refused to be defined by one genre, and in the years since his debut, he has worked with electronic instruments, creating unique sounds that often offended folk music purists. Dylan has worked with almost every iconic artist in the music industry, including the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, and many more. 

Dylan is one of the most prolific artists around, and all in all, he has released 39 studio albums, as well as 13 live albums. Additionally, Dylan has created extended plays, music videos, singles, and soundtracks.

Dylan has also collaborated with dozens of artists on their records, contributing lyrics, riffs, and even entire songs. A hardworking artist with a strict work ethic, Dylan has developed a mystique and a stage persona that is at times rather strange — but always authentically Dylan. 

Is Bob Dylan still making music?


It Took Bob Dylan Almost 60 Years To Have a Number 1 Hit Song

Even at the age of 79, Dylan continues to make waves in the music industry. His most recent album, Rough and Rowdy Ways, is his first album of entirely original work since 2012 and has received incredible critical acclaim.

Many have praised the album for being one of Dylan’s best, proving that the artist still has what it takes to impress the critics, even after five decades in the music business. Rolling Stone even claimed that Rough and Rowdy Ways is one of his “most timely” works. 

Dylan lives and breathes music, that much is clear. He could have retired decades ago, choosing to rest on his laurels and on his numerous accolades.

Still, the fact that Dylan has made a reputation as a risk-taker only goes to show that his persona as a folk hero and counterculture icon isn’t just an act that he puts on for his stage shows — it is who he truly is at heart.