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Whether you like reality TV or not, everyone can agree that it’s easy to get sucked into an HGTV program. From Fixer Upper to Love It Or List It, home improvement shows are made even better with the perfect hosts — and this is also why Property Brothers has gained such a serious following. Fans love watching twin brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott find old houses and fix them up for homeowners. And in more recent years, we’ve also taken a serious interest in their personal lives.

We’ve seen Drew’s wife, Linda Phan, on Property Brothers — and fans love her just as much as they love the twins. Now, we’re all wondering When Drew and Linda are planning on having kids, and how many they want.

Drew and Linda have talked extensively about children in the past

Fans have followed the love story of Drew and Linda for quite awhile. Country Living reminds us the two met back in 2010 during Toronto Fashion Week, and by the end of their first date (which included sushi, hot chocolate, and a night full of karaoke), they knew they were right for each other. Drew and Linda married in May 2018 for their destination wedding in Italy, and it seemed like the perfect choice for the fun, adventurous duo. Now, Linda is currently still working for the Property Brothers company as their creative director — but she and Drew also seem to be considering family planning.

People reports just days after their Italian wedding back in May, Drew told the publication, “We’re excited to have kids. I think Linda and I will be great parents, and we’re excited to start that chapter of our lives.” It seems twin brother Jonathan is all for them having kids, too. As he said, “I couldn’t think of two more wonderful people to be parents. I’m waiting for the day that I hear the announcement that they’re going to have kids.”

It seems they definitely want more than one child

While Drew has mentioned he and Linda are excited to add to their family, it also seems apparent that they’re ready for a serious expansion. Back in July 2018, Fox News reports Drew mentioned to Closer Weekly that he’d be open to having many children with Linda. “We’re thinking three or four kids, so I want to just have triplets! Get it out of the way,” he told the publication. He also added, “Linda even said, ‘How about two sets of twins? That’d be great!’ and I was, like, ‘You say that now, but let’s wait until that first set to see how you feel!”

He also spoke to People back in October about his wish for a large family. While he mentioned that there was “no screaming rush” to have children, he did again say that he’s looking forward to kids in the future. “We don’t know — do we want to have two, four, 15? We don’t quite know,” he said.

Drew left a baby clue on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram

Fans are anticipating a baby announcement soon based on what Drew recently commented on Joanna Gaines’ Instagram. Joanna posted a photo of her holding baby Crew — and he seems like he’s quickly outgrowing his onesie. She captioned the photo, “I think it’s time for the next size up #sixmonths.” To this photo, Drew commented, “We’ll be having kids soon so I’ll hit you up for hand me downs,” which certainly had every HGTV fan talking.

While we’re anxiously awaiting news regarding the matter, Drew has mentioned to People that for now, he’s satisfying the baby craze by spending ample time with his nieces and nephews. “We have nieces and nephews that we get a lot of our playtime with, so for now we can get them hopped up on sugar and then pass them back to the parents,” he said.

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