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Steve Rogers bid farewell to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Endgame. He chose to “get a life” as Stark once suggested, and stayed in the past to live alongside Peggy Carter. He returned to the present timeline as an elderly man, ready to pass his shield on to a worthy successor. Cap chose Falcon (Sam Wilson), who will merely be one of the heroes destined to fill Cap’s shoes moving forward. 

Based on insider reports from We Got This Covered (WGTC), Marvel Studios will reportedly bring several Captain America-type figures into the landscape. The lineup will be diverse — covering different ages, genders, and races. So, who’s set to become an adamantium-infused shield-wielder? 

Peggy Carter and Captain America
Peggy Carter and Captain America | Disney XD / Contributor

1. Sam Wilson / Falcon 

Sam Wilson’s Falcon will fight alongside Bucky Barnes in the Disney+ series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Now that Falcon carries Cap’s shield, he must aim to live up to Rogers’ altruistic and morally upstanding persona. He will be one of the few chosen to pay tribute to Cap, as Rogers chose his friend to deliver on his worldly duties long after he’s gone.

2. Female Captain America (likely Sharon Carter) 

Rumor has it that a female Captain America will be joining the MCU. And, rather than introducing fans to a whole new character, the wise move would be to transition an already-beloved character into the role.

It’s likely that Sharon Carter will take on the responsibility, as she already possesses the combat training. Whether she will receive the serum, or fight as a well-trained human remains up in the air. Yet, considering she is a part of the upcoming Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it looks like the MCU isn’t done with Ms. Carter just yet. 

3. Young Captain America (could Patriot be on the way?) 

WGTC notes that an adolescent-aged Captain America will appear as part of the Young Avengers. And, Patriot becomes a part of said team in the comics. Three different characters carry the name “Patriot” in the source material — Jeffrey Mace, and the modern-day Eli Bradley and Rayshaun Lucas. 


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If the MCU goes with a well-known narrative arc, Eli Bradley (the grandson of Isiah Bradley) will come to fight alongside the Young Avengers team. In the MCU, the team is destined to feature Wiccan, Kate Bishop’s, Hawkeye, Iron Lad, and more. With multiple Phase 4 Disney+ productions already on the horizon, both Wiccan (Wanda and Vision’s son) and Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye seem like shoo-ins for the Young Avengers crew. And, such a team will need its Captain America…enter Patriot. 

While the above characters seem like the most plausible additions to the landscape at this time, WGTC notes that more than the aforementioned heroes will play a pivotal role. Additionally, a gay Captain America is also set to appear in the MCU.  Here’s to hoping several Caps make their way into the landscape, for it will take more than one man to live up to Rogers’ complex legacy.