How Many Times Has Meghan Markle Been Married?

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married in 2018, many people could not stop talking about the fact that she was a divorcée. Of course, being divorced is not a big deal in the 21st century, but Meghan Markle joining the royal family was a huge stride from the days of Princess Diana having to get checked out by a doctor before marrying Prince Charles in 1981.

All these mentions of Meghan Markle having been married before definitely got a lot of royal watchers wondering: just how many times has Meghan Markle been married?

Let’s take a look at her relationship history to find out.

Meghan Markle married her first husband in 2011

The first time Meghan Markle got married was back in 2011. Her groom at the time was actor and producer Trevor Engelson. The two of them had been together since 2004.

Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson wed in Jamaica. According to sources, it was a casual wedding that did not get much attention from the press since they weren’t high-profile celebrities back then.

Despite the fact that they had spent many years together, Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson’s relationship did not last. They got divorced in 2013. The real cause for the split was never fully revealed. It was apparently a no-fault divorce with irreconcilable differences being cited as the reason, though fans also had other theories.

Some believe that the long-distance relationship was what caused the split. Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson got married around the same time that she began working on Suits in Toronto, which means that they suddenly were forced to be far apart since Engelson was living in Los Angeles.

As such, it’s possible that they either grew apart by being away from one another for a long time or the traveling back and forth was wearing down the marriage.

Other people believe that Trevor Engelson might have actually done something appalling to Meghan Markle. Back when she had her blog, The Tig, she once shared some quotes indirectly calling out someone for certain bad behavior.

“I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise,” the text read.

Of course, Meghan Markle herself never said who the quote was about, but fans still held on to this belief that she was talking to her ex-husband.

According to Trevor Engelson, though, Meghan Markle apparently ended their relationship “out of the blue” and he is still not over that today.

Meghan Markle had a boyfriend before meeting Prince Harry

Following her divorce from Trevor Engelson, Meghan Markle focused on building her acting career with a significant role in Suits. However, she got back into the dating scene quickly afterwards.

She began a relationship with chef Cory Vitiello in 2014 and the two were even living together. Their relationship lasted until some time in mid 2016 before Meghan Markle was set up on a date with Prince Harry in July 2016.

According to a few tabloid reports, Meghan Markle was still with Vitiello when she met Prince Harry and some people believe she ditched the Canadian chef for the British royal.

Still, it’s unsure what the real story is since Meghan Markle herself has kept her lips sealed about her old relationships.

How do Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make their marriage work?

There’s no doubt that Meghan Markle learned a thing or two from her past marriage and is determined to make her relationship with Prince Harry last.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seem to be headed in the right direction. The two of them have a lot in common, from their passion for humanitarian causes to their love for their respective families. Prince Harry has also been protective and supportive of Meghan Markle during her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle had to give up many things, including her career, to become a full-time duchess. And at the end of the day, the couple seems to prioritize their relationship with each other, which is what’s truly important.