How Meghan Markle’s Staple Messy Bun Was Part of Her Strategy to be Relatable

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex may no longer be a senior member of the royal family, but fans are still as invested in her life as they ever were. With Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, preparing to embark on a new life and a new series of career choices, members of her circle are feeling a bit freer to speak out about their experiences with her. Recently, a well-known hairstylist who has worked with Meghan spoke out about one of her signature styles, and what he said has everyone scrambling to recreate the look with their own tresses. 

Meghan Markle is a style icon

Meghan started her career as an actress, playing smaller roles in television and film projects. When she landed the role of a series regular on Suits, she achieved a greater level of fame and started accumulating lots of fans.

She launched a lifestyle blog called “The Tig,” in which she showcased some of her favorite fashion and style tips. Over time, she became a real influencer in the world of beauty. Meghan’s style at that time was definitely trendy, and she wasn’t afraid to rock miniskirts and daring dresses. 

After marrying Prince Harry, and becoming a member of the royal family, Meghan’s style underwent a significant shift. She began dressing much more conservatively and had to follow a series of royal fashion “rules” that somewhat limited what she could wear.

In spite of the fact that her manner of dressing had changed slightly, she was as stylish as ever. Thousands of women sought to dress like the Duchess of Sussex and raved about her stunning clothing looks. Meghan seemed to favor bright colors and simple shapes and was often seen in hues like red, blue, green, and cream.

When it came to her hair, she kept things even more classic. 

Meghan Markle’s hair stylist recently spoke out

Meghan has always had great hair, as evidenced by the many photos of her on red carpets in her pre-royal life. While she often had highlights in her hair at that time, once she married Prince Harry, she decided to nix the lighter hues.

She embraced her natural dark hair color and usually always wore her hair in either long, loose waves, or in a simple messy bun. It was the messy bun that became her signature hairstyle, and she has been photographed wearing her hair that way countless times over the past several years. Although the style might seem super-simple, there was a very real reason that she chose that look.

Recently, the hairstylist that worked with Meghan during her time as a royal, George Northwood, spoke out about the creation of the messy bun. He revealed that the look was the ultimate compromise: “the messy bun purely came off the back of making the hair both appropriate and adhering to royal protocol, and modern at the same time.”

He stated that both he and Meghan wanted the look to signify “refined imperfection” because “that’s what sums her up.” Northwood claimed that Markle is, at heart, a true California girl, and “a very modern princess, the sort of princess we can relate to and aspire to.”

How can people emulate Meghan Markle’s messy bun?

Meghan Markle smiling in a beige dress
Meghan Markle |Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Meghan might have left her royal duties behind, but that doesn’t mean she won’t still embrace the messy bun in her new life. For fans who want to rock the messy bun just like Meghan, there is a simple way to do so.

According to hair pros, part hair in the middle, spray a texturizing spray on the roots and tease the hair in order to create volume. Then, smooth the hair out with a brush and twist it into a low, loose ponytail. Twist the hair around the base of the ponytail to create the bun, and secure it with bobby pins. 

Complete the look by pulling out a few strands of hair around the face area to create a “messy” effect. Even if fans don’t have access to Meghan’s luxurious lifestyle, they can rock one of her best looks!