How ‘Morbius’ Will Lay the Foundation for the MCU’s ‘Spider-Man 3’

After seeing Michael Keaton appear in the trailer for Morbius, the merging of the Sony Spider-Verse and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spidey landscape now seem inevitable. Michael Keaton portrayed Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it looks like he’s back to take a spin in the Jared Leto-led production of Morbius

Tom Holland Spider-Man MCU
Tom Holland attends the ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ press conference | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

With Keaton’s return as Vulture, comes a few major questions: just how grand and detailed with the conversation between the two Spidey worlds be, and how will the Sony movie impact the future MCU installment, Spider-Man 3? 

Relying on information from We Got This Covered, as well as narrative plausibilities given the current state of Spidey affairs, it looks like Morbius may lay the foundation for the story to take shape when Tom Holland returns to the web-slinger in his third solo outing. 

‘Morbius’ will serve as the catalyst to the ‘Sinister Six’ in the MCU

We Got This Covered — relying on the same sources who knew Marvel Studios was eyeing Daniel Radcliffe for Moon Knight and that Tom Holland was in talks for a Venom 2 cameo — recently reported that half of the Sinister Six team will appear in the Sony film. 

With Morbius and Vulture set to appear in Sony’s Spidey offshoot, who is the other notorious foe bound to make an entrance? The outlet reported that Doctor Octopus is set to make a brief appearance in one of the post-credits scenes. So, Morbius will theoretically introduce three of the six members to portray the formidable Sinister Six in the MCU. 

WGTC reported that Doctor Octopus will initially operate as the “tech guy” helping tha baddies, before joining in on the combat in his iconic multi-legged superhero destroyer suit. Venom already exists in the Sony Spider-Verse and three of the other six villains comprising the Sinister Six are set to appear in Morbius. In other words, this team may be coming together faster than initially seemed plausible. 

Is ‘Spider-Man 3’ too soon for the Sinister Six; is there enough time to flesh it out?

If the MCU had intentions to introduce all the villains who constitute the Sinister Six in its own universe, shooting for a Sinister Six narrative for Spider-Man 3 would be completely unfathomable.

On the other hand, if Sony and Marvel manage to work together, using the Sony Spider-Verse to build the foundation for the Sinister Six, the characters could all come into focus, uniting as one villainous team, in time for Phase 5. 

If Morbius is just the first of a few Spider off-shoots, the entire Sinister Six team can exist in the conjoined Spidey landscape, allowing the MCU to piggy-back off the foundation-building granted to Sony. Thus, Morbius and Venom may just be a first of a few Sony movies destined to play into the MCU, and with a little more time, the entire Sinister Six may come to threaten Spidey and a few of his Avenger buds in the MCU.