How Much Is the British Royal Family Worth? Here’s an Updated Breakdown of Every Member

There is no denying the fact that the members of the British royal family have extraordinary lives. Even those who are not considered “working royals” — such as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have things that are pretty lavish, such as expensive designer clothes as well as spectacular homes.

Basically, the descendants of Queen Elizabeth have lives that the rest of us can only dream of. They have traveled the world in private jets, they have access to the most coveted jewelry in the entire world, and it is safe to say that they don’t really worry about money all that much.

What many people may not think about is the net worth of the royals or even the source of their income. It is pretty surprising to hear about where all the money comes from, and how much each person has in their bank account.

So, how much, actually, is the British royal family worth? Here is an updated breakdown of every member.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex; Prince Harry; Prince William; and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Let’s start with the future king and queen consort. They live in an amazing royal residence and there is seemingly nothing that they don’t have.

As for Prince William, Business Insider reports that he has a net worth of about $40 million dollars. While he certainly isn’t the richest royal, that’s not exactly chump change, either. So, where did the Duke of Cambridge get all the cash? Well, a huge portion of it came from his late mother, Princess Diana – the late princess received $22.5 million from Prince Charles as part of her divorce settlement — and he also earns annual dividends of about $450,000.

As for Kate, Yahoo! Finance reports that she was wealthy even before she became a royal, and these days, boasts a net worth of about $10 million dollars, most of which comes from her lucrative family business.

It turns out that Prince Harry is sitting on a nice pile of cash himself. Like Prince William, he received about $14 million from Princess Diana and has a total net worth of around $40 million.

The net worth of Prince Charles

Prince Charles is next in line for the British throne and hasn’t exactly had an ordinary life. He has spent his life living in sprawling palaces and other royal residences and there is no doubt that he has a massive net worth.

According to Marie Claire, the future king is worth a whopping $400 million making him one of the richest family members. Where did it all come from? The majority is from the Duchy of Cornwall, a portfolio of land and real estate that holds over $1 billion dollars. 

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is reportedly worth around $5 million.

How much money is Queen Elizabeth worth?

When it comes to the head of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth certainly does not have a shortage of cash. What do the finances of the ruling monarch look like? According to Town & Country, her majesty has the highest personal net worth in the family, which is not too surprising.

The total comes in at about $520 million, an astonishing amount of money for anyone! Where does she get it all from? Newsweek reports that it comes from the Sovereign Grant as well as her estate, the Duchy of Lancaster. The queen also owns Balmoral Castle ($140 million) in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Sandringham House ($65 million) in Norfolk, England.

As for Prince Philip, Marie Claire reports he has a net worth close to $30 million. Though the queen’s husband is now retired as the Duke of Edinburgh, his annual salary from the Parliament was $500,000.

How much is the British royal family worth?

Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Anne, is worth roughly $30 million, according to Wealth-X. Her daughter, Zara Tindall, is said to have amassed $20 million through entrepreneurial ventures. She’s married to Mike Tindall, who is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million.

Queen Elizabeth’s notorious son, Prince Andrew, had a net worth of $75 million in 2012. He receives an annual stipend from his mother worth $400,000, plus pension from his time in the navy.

Prince Andrew’s daughter, Princess Eugenie, is estimated to be worth around $4.8 million. Her husband, Jack Brooksbank, has an unknown net worth. Meanwhile, Prince Andrew’s other daughter, Princess Beatrice, is worth about $5 million.

Although the royals tend to keep most of their financial matters private, we do know that the queen’s sources of income allow her to bring in a mind-boggling amount of money on an annual basis. As for the net worth of the royal family as a whole? That total comes in at an astonishing $88 billion dollars. Looks like the British royal family has a pretty penny to their name, with wealth that most people can’t even begin to fathom.