How Old Is Chrissy Teigen and What Is Her Ethnicity?

She holds many titles – supermodel, bestselling author, wife, mother of two – but Chrissy Teigen is perhaps best known for her vibrant, witty personality. Her marriage, to award-winning singer John Legend, is much admired, and Teigen herself is often cited as a feminist role model for her tendency to “clap back” at rude online critics, as well as for her funny, positive attitude.

It seems as though she comes by her lighthearted personality naturally – Teigen frequently shares stories about her parents on her social media, and fans love getting a glimpse into Teigen’s background and upbringing.

How old is Chrissy Teigen?

Chrissy Teigen was born Christine Diane Teigen on November 30th, 1985. She first catapulted to fame when she was featured in Sports Illustrated‘s famous swimsuit issue in 2010. She quickly became one of the best-known models in the world, strutting her stuff on runways around the world. Beyond just her beautiful face and figure, Teigen became well-known for her quick humor and is now one of the most-followed personalities on social media.

Teigen is a bestselling author and chef, and her two cookbooks, Cravings, and Cravings: Hungry for More, became hugely popular with home chefs all around the world. Teigen’s recipes were accessible, delicious, and carb-filled, and endeared her to fans even more, especially with those who never would have expected a supermodel to release a wealth of comfort food recipes. Teigen’s star shone even brighter in late 2018 when she created her very own line of cookware for Target.

Who are Teigen’s parents?

Teigen seems to have developed her love of cooking from her parents. Her father, Ron Teigen, Sr. is a former electrician, and is of Norwegian descent. Her mother’s name is Vilailuck Teigen, a Thai home cook who taught Chrissy Teigen and her sister much of what they know about combining flavors and creating delicious dishes. Her mother, more popularly known as “Pepper” Thai, is a hugely popular social media influencer and is often featured on Teigen’s Instagram as well. Pepper Thai proudly shows off her cooking skills, as well as photos of her three grandchildren and her husband on social media, and has well over 170k followers on Instagram.

As for Teigen’s father, he seems to be a bit more social-media shy, though he does have a Twitter account that he occasionally posts to. Teigen claims that her father has always been a huge supporter of her modeling career and that the two have a very close relationship – claims that were substantiated when it was revealed that Ron Teigen, Sr. got a tattoo of his beloved daughter for her 33rd birthday in November 2018.

Chrissy Teigen also has a sister named Tina, and she is frequently featured on Teigen’s social media as well. Teigen herself is of Thai-Norwegian descent and cites the combination of cultures that she grew up in as the driving force that shaped her palate. 

Where do Teigen’s parents live?

The whole family is very close. So close, in fact, that Teigen’s mother lives with her and John Legend in their palatial California home. Although Pepper Thai lives with them, Ron Teigen, Sr. does not- he lives just around the corner, several houses down. Teigen says that although her parents don’t live in the same house, they are happily married and very content with the arrangement.

Teigen is clearly living her best life, with her loving husband, two adorable children, and beloved family all surrounding her with support and affection. With such a strong support system, there’s no limit to what Chrissy Teigen, the model with a flair for kitchen creations, can accomplish!