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No matter what kind of cuisine is shown on the TV, fans have been watching the Food Network for decades. From culinary competition shows to delicious eats from our favorite chefs, there’s no doubt that the channel loves to bring the best cooks from around the world to the forefront. Being a star of the Food Network isn’t just about the food, either — it’s all about the stories, the warm energy, and the stage presence the cook can bring to the table. And Giada De Laurentiis has proven she has what it takes to be a star.

We’ve watched Giada De Laurentiis ever since her humble beginnings on Everyday Italian, and while she’s middle-aged with a daughter of her own, she never seems to age. Here’s how old she is as well as additional secrets for looking so young.

Giada De Laurentiis is 48 years old

From her stunning looks to flawless complexion and gorgeous hair, it’s hard to believe Giada is pushing 50. But the Italian cook has actually been with the Food Network since Everyday Italian began in 2003. While we remember the star when she was cooking in her younger years, the network’s website reminds us she didn’t always aspire to be a cook. She first earned a degree in anthropology before following her inner chef and attending the Paris’ Le Cordon Bleu cooking school.

Nowadays, we’ve seen Giada on Food Network Star, a number of her own spin-off series’, and even Iron Chef. And while she separated from her husband of over a decade, her boyfriend of a few years, Shane Farley, makes her feel “like a kid again,” she told People. It seems her love for her career, her family, and the chance at new love is also what’s keeping her looking so youthful.

She learned plenty of her beauty tricks from her famous mother

Many may not realize that Giada’s mother is a famous woman herself. Veronica De Laurentiis is an Italian author and actress — and she also looks wonderful for her age. Giada has even interviewed her mother for her blog, Giadzy, to hear about her beauty secrets — and a lot can be learned from what Veronica said.

Veronica explained that, in general, Italian women “have a more natural approach to beauty. They use less makeup, and most of them appreciate the qualities of old age.” And when it comes to Veronica’s secret for healthy skin, she swears by eating healthily and adding plents of fruits, veggies, and oils into her diet. She also stated that she always takes her makeup off before bed, she never steps outside without wearing SPF, and she never stays in the sun just for a tan. Veronica also lives by this quote: “Laugh a lot, and when you’re older, all your wrinkles will be in the right places.”

Giada doesn’t deprive herself in the food department, either

It seems Giada definitely has taken tips from her beautiful mother to maintain a youthful glow. The famous cook told Allure that she exfoliates her face every day with her own blend of baking soda, olive oil, and water. And her favorite “beauty foods” include avocados, nuts, and dark chocolate. “I make this chocolate-avocado mousse. It’s just avocados, unsweetened cocoa powder, a little bit of agave, and bittersweet chocolate. I put it all in the food processor, make it smooth, and then I put it in the fridge to chill in little cups,” she explained.

Though it’s certain Giada eats healthy, she definitely isn’t depriving herself, either. According to Delish, she doesn’t skimp on the carbs. She loves using Triscuits as a vessel for savory and sweet snacks throughout the day, and if she wants pasta or a sandwich for dinner, she’s more than willing to allow herself to have that. Balance is key with Giada, and she definitely seems happy with her way of life, which may be the biggest beauty secret of all.

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